Review Of Netflix Original Of May 2021

Review Of Netflix Original, Just like all the other months Netflix once again released quite a few Review Of Netflix Original. And now that may is about to end, we thought reviewing every Netflix original movie in May 2021 is a good idea. There was a total of 7 Netflix originals in the month of May. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Review Of Netflix Original


This is a French movie and it is quite good. I watched this because I had nothing to do and didn’t have many expectations. But man, this movie really entertains me throughout. The story is focused on a woman who wakes up in a cryogenic chamber with severe amnesia. And if I tell you anything else that will be a spoiler. So, just go and watch it for yourself. I can say that it is a hidden gem on Review Of Netflix Original. Mélanie Laurent was amazing from start to finish. She practically carried the movie on her back. I honestly think it is a must-watch for everyone.

And Tomorrow the Entire World

When Netflix acquired this German movie I was hoping for it. I liked the trailer and was looking forward to it. And I wasn’t disappointed even a single bit. Don’t get me wrong, the movie missed out on many levels, but it connected on so many as well. If you are a fan of slow cinema you will enjoy it. There are so many monologues in this movie and I always enjoy a good monologue. The movie really adapts a controversial topic and sometimes completely butchers the point. But the time it connects it really blew the roof off.

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The Woman in the Window

I was so excited about this movie. I was literally hyped up and was waiting for it every day. And it disappointed me. The movie kind of decent and then the ending completely ruined it. The fact that the movie is watchable is because of Amy Adams. You can give her a broom to act with and she will make you invest in it. That is how good she is. But when the script is so weak and they put this type of completely goofy, messed up ending, she can’t do much. It was one of the most cliched endings where the boy was completely overacting. This movie had so much promise but leave it to Netflix to ruin something really good.

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Another disappointing movie to be honest. The movie was released back in 2018, but Netflix acquired it now. I am disappointed because I liked the idea behind the movie, but the implementation was so average. The idea of inserting minimalism into horror is really something interesting. Having a simple story that focuses on our unconscious fear can be really good. It can generate horror that other genres can’t. But the movie tried too hard to do it. And that really backfired on them.

Dance of the 41

But again it defied all of my expectations and delivered on all fronts. It was a delightful watch. It is based on a real scandal of early 20th-century Mexico. The scandal revolved around an illegal police raid, in an LGBTQ party. And that was one of the biggest talking points at that time. It is one of the most famous stories in Mexico. Everything in this movie is powerful and the insertion of female characters was a surprise. The only letdown was that this movie didn’t release on the big screen, because that would have been best.


Because Netflix India doesn’t usually produce such good movies. But Milestone is an emotional roller coaster with so many good performances. The performances might be the best part of this movie and I can watch it again just for Suvinder Vicky. Even the plot is amazing and the execution is completely on par with that. If I have to find some fault in the movie, it will be that it felt slow in some parts. But other than that it is a delight. Every aspect of this movie from the acting, story, direction to even the location of the movie is brilliant. As I said, It is a must-watch for everyone.

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I Am All Girls

I really have no idea why people aren’t liking this one. Because I enjoyed this one. It is a mystery thriller with a strong message. Again the actors and characters were the best part of the movie alongside cinematography. The director knew what to shoot and how to shoot that. It was an amazing experience to watch this movie. Some critics are saying that it is a David Fincher’s level movie. I won’t say that it is that good, but it sure is entertaining as hell.

So, this was Netflix’s May wrapped up. It was an interesting month with quite a few amounts of decent originals.