The outer space demons are here once again!!!!

Based on the comic book series named Resident Alien, filmmaker Chris Sheridan has created the latest Sci-Fi show. Resident Alien is gearing up for the premiere of its second season later this month. A trailer has been released to give the audience an exclusive look at what can be expected from the sci-fi series. There were a total of 10 episodes in the first season of Resident Alien. The first trailer of season 2 was released on January 7.

Fans are really excited about this once and I did not see that coming. I still think that Resident Alien is an overlooked show. Those who have watched it know that this show is really good. The blend of comedy elements alongside drama was brilliant. Just like the show, even the cast of the show was underrated. I saw some brilliant performances that no one talks about.

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Resident Alien Season 2 Plot:

As the original story goes, an alien crashes on earth. He disguises himself as a small-town pathology physician named Harry Vanderspeigle. Harry is given the task of doing an autopsy on the town’s doctor, who died of some unknown circumstance. He juggles with the moral dilemma of his secret mission, that is, to wipe out the planet earth. While he can keep his alien identity a secret from everyone else, in the end, he had to reveal it in front of a nine-year-old boy.

The series ended when Harry was returning to his home planet and boards on his spaceship. To his surprise, Harry finds young Max was in the spaceship along with him. The trailer of the second season opens up with the answer to this specific question.

Season 2 is all about Harry saving the earth. The trailer begins with the flash of a spaceship heading towards the earth, alongside Harry lying on a hospital bed. He is being subjected to questions like, ‘You’ve suffered fairly significant head trauma. Are you experiencing any issues with memory loss?’. Harry answers sprucely, ‘I am an alien. I am here to kill everyone.’

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As Harry returns to earth with his frenemy Max, he reunites with his best friend, Asta. As Harry comes to know about the ongoing plan of his people of destroying the planet, he cannot withstand that. He learned from a talking octopus that his home planet is sending someone to destroy the earth. The local residents doubt that Asta is not enough to cause Harry to become a savior for the Earth.

Resident Alien Season 2

Resident Alien Season 2 Cast:

The second season features all our favorite actors from season 1. Alan Tudyk is playing the titular role in the second season as well. The role of Asta is being played by Sara Tomko. Frenemy Max is played by Judah Prehn. The characters of Sheriff Mike and Deputy Liv are portrayed by Corey Reynolds and Elizabeth Bowen respectively.

New faces such as Alex Borstein will also be a treat to the viewers. Returning guest stars will include Linda Hamilton and Nathan Fillion who play the roles of General Eleanor and the Octopus.

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Resident Alien Season 2 Release Date

The series is all set to release on January, 26 on Syfy. A sneak peeks into the trailer gives goosebumps through the running headlines as well. The second season will be split into two parts – with part 1 concluding March 16 and the additional episodes will be released in the summer.


As a Sci-fi project, Resident Evil will definitely give you satisfying graphics and cinematography.  As his crush on Asta was already revealed in Season 1, in the second season, however, we will perhaps see Harry’s romantic run-ins with D’Arcy as well. It will focus on Max’s parents and their marital affairs too. The role of Nathan Fillian’s ‘Octopus’ will also be worth the watch.

It is only a count of days till we find out what season 2 unwraps for us. The viewers are excited to dissect the mysteries of villains and heroes. Let’s wait patiently to unravel Harry’s bonding with humanity. After the success of Season 1, the mission has undoubtedly turned out to be a more ignited one!