With a sequel to filmmaker Judd Apatow’s 2012 comedy This Is 40 purportedly in the works (according to Collider), now is an excellent moment to review star Paul Rudd’s filmography. Rudd will reprise his role as Pete from the 2007 picture Knocked Up, which he co-starred in alongside Leslie Mann.

Paul Rudd has appeared in almost 90 films in his 30 years as an actor. Naturally, some of these films are superior to others, so let us rank Rudd’s best work.

1. Ant-Man (2015)

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Director- Peyton Reed

Scott Lang, a former burglar, is freed after serving a few years in prison. Scott decides that he wants to go straight and heads out to get work. He is completely unaware, however, that his criminal record prevents him from working or visiting his small daughter Cassie. When he steals a strong armour, he returns it fast only to be jailed once more. Hank Pym, a mysterious guy, has other plans for him. Pym adds that because to a specific formula known as the Pym Particle, it has the ability to decrease in size while increasing in strength. He used to own it and went by the name Ant-Man.

Unfortunately, Pym realises during his SHIELD days that others desire to copy his concept. Because his former protégé Darren Cross is striving to reproduce the Ant-Man formula for his own sinister goals, Pym wants Scott to be the new Ant-Man. As a result, Scott and Pym, as well as Pym’s daughter Hope, must devise a heist to stop Cross and save the world from impending anarchy.

2. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

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Director- David Wain

The year is 1981, and the setting is Camp Firewood. It’s the final day before everyone returns to the real world, but there’s still unfinished business from the summer. Beth, the camp director, is at the centre of the action, struggling to establish order while falling in love with the local astrophysics professor. He’s trying to save the camp from a dangerous chunk of NASA’s Skylab that’s racing toward the planet. A risky waterfall rescue, love triangles, misfits, cool kids, and talking vegetable cans are all part of the package. Of course, the answers will be revealed at the end of the day’s great talent event.

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3. Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)

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Director- Adam McKay

1970s San Diego Ron Burgundy is a reporter for a local television station. He is a well-known figure in the community. His news segment is the most popular among all demographics, and everything is going swimmingly. His journalism staff, on the other hand, is totally male and resembles a boys’ club. Veronica Corningstone, a female reporter, is brought in to add to the station’s diversity. While the rest of the squad is shocked by the choice, Ron is divided between his own misogyny and his feelings for her. Veronica and Ron get along well at first, and they have an intimate connection. However, an occurrence separates them, leading to a terrible feud between them.

4. I Love You, Man (2009)

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Director- John Hamburg

Peter Klaven’s life focuses around his real estate business and his soon-to-be-fiancée, Zooey. She calls her best friends when he pops the question, and they start organising the wedding. Peter has no male pals, which causes issues: will he be a clingy person, and who will be his best man? Zooey, her pals, and Peter’s brother Robbie all offer assistance, which leads to some embarrassing situations. Then he meets Sydney, a friendly, low-key guy, at an open house Peter is throwing. Peter invites him out for drinks after they exchange business cards. Peter’s engagement and career are jeopardised as a result of a friendship that starts off well.

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

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Director- Nicholas Stoller

Peter is a composer and a likeable sad sack who is distraught when Sarah Marshall, the star of a corny CSI-style crime show, ditches him after five years of dating. He sobs, rails, and mopes. Finally, his step-brother Brian proposes a holiday, so Peter books a room at a resort on Oahu, where he meets Sarah and her new beau, Aldous, a perverted English rocker, as he checks in. Peter is rescued by Rachel, a compassionate hotel worker who invites him to a luau and to hang out. Peter starts to come alive again, despite the fact that he keeps running across Sarah and Aldous.

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6. Clueless (1995)

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Director- Amy Heckerling

Cher is wealthy, attractive, blonde, and well-liked, and she can persuade anyone to do just about anything. When Sarah and her friend Dion are unable to persuade a teacher to give her a better grade, they pair him with another instructor to make him happier… and perhaps a little more lenient on his demands. Cher and Dion give a girl named Tai a makeover and try to find her a boyfriend when she transfers to Cher’s school. Cher quickly realises that she needs a lover of her own, but no one appears to fit the bill. Before she meets the boy of her dreams, she has a spiritual transformation and discovers that life is about more than clothes and popularity.

7. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (2012)

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Director- Stephen Chbosky

Charlie is an introverted adolescent who has recently started high school and has no friends. He misses his best friend, who died by suicide, and he expresses his sorrow through letters to an imagined companion. Charlie also has a history of mental illness. Charlie quickly befriends the gay veteran Patrick and his stepsister Sam, and the three become best friends. Mr. Anderson, Charlie’s literature instructor, lends him books since he wants to be a writer. Charlie falls in love with Sam, but lacks the confidence to pursue her, until Sam and Patrick introduce him to their friends.

8. The Shape Of Things (2003)

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Director- Neil LaBute

Adam Sorenson is a quiet, insecure student who works half of his time as a museum security guard and in a rental. He encounters Evelyn Ann Thompson, an anarchist and transgressor Arts student who is attempting to paint a penis in a significant statue, and after disagreeing with her, they agree to meet for dinner. Evelyn becomes his girlfriend, and he introduces Jenny and Phillip, two of his closest friends, to her. Adam’s conduct shifts and his appearance and confidence increase as long as they are together, thanks to Evelyn’s influence. He conducts an affair with Jenny, betraying and lying to Evelyn and Phillip and damaging their friendship in the process. Adam is taken aback by the revelations Evelyn makes as she presents her Master’s thesis.

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9. Our Idiot Brother (2011)

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Director- Jesse Peretz

Ned had a wonderful life producing organic veggies on a farm with his hippy girlfriend and Willie Nelson, his dog, but an ill-advised marijuana incident at a farmer’s market landed him in jail. When he is released from prison, he will return to his sisters. While Ned remains happy, his sisters are less so after his honest, but unworldly demeanour contributes to revelations that reveal infidelity in one marriage, potentially illegal actions in one job opportunity, dishonesty in one budding relationship, and morally unpleasant behaviour in one domestic partnership. He sees the issues as a result of a breakdown in communication, but his sisters think he’s a moron. The spectator witnesses the truth that, in the end, Ned is a catalyst for good in his environment without intending to be so. The film’s conclusion finds the family’s balance restored, with a happy ending for everyone.

10. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

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Director- Judd Apatow

Andy, the stock supervisor at Smart Tech, is a lovely man and a wonderful coworker. His coworkers David, Jay, and Cal invite him to a poker game one night, and when they discover Andy is a 40-year-old virgin at the end of the night, they decide to assist him in scoring. When he meets Trish, the divorced proprietor of the “We Sell Your Stuff on eBay” store, they agree not to have sex until their 20th date. As a result of these circumstances, Andy gets himself into a lot of difficulty.