Even if you erased their legendary collaborations from the annals of history, Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro would still have a prominent place in the pantheon of American cinema as two of the best to have ever done it. They have both made a multitude of excellent films without one another. It has produced historically significant outcomes, giving rise to an ocean of timeless classics in their name that have transformed cinema as we know it and affected an entire generation of directors and actors. We’ve ranked the best films Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro have ever made with the aid of Taste of Cinema.

1. Taxi Driver (1976)

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Travis Bickle, a sad former U.S. Marine and chronic insomniac lone wolf, prowls the nighttime streets of the city’s seedy underbelly in his yellow taxi. In the shadow of the busy Big Apple. Travis descends deeper and deeper into his world of obsession and vituperative revulsion as an endless string of bitter rejections from unattainable objects of desire. He condemned young souls, and even his colleagues, can only result in a flaming manifesto of violence. Travis is a nobody among nobodies against the backdrop of an increasingly distort perceive reality. Now that Travis is ready to purge this dirty city, his hungry and deadly weapons will serve as the terrible truth-bearers. His honesty.

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2. Goodfellas (1990)

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In this crime biography of wiseguy Henry Hill, the poor, blue-collar aspect of the New York Italian mafia is in depiction. In-depth examination of the customs and practises of organising crime is seen in the film. The main character progresses from a muscular young petty criminal to a professional burglar. All to a middle-age cocaine addict and dealer. This true story accurately tackles the fundamental, blue-collar element of the mafia by following the rise and fall of Hill. Along with his two equivalents, the slick jack-of-all-trades criminal Jimmy Conway and the hulking, scary Tommy DeVito.

3. The King Of Comedy (1982)

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Rupert Pupkin is driven to excel at comedy. However, when he approaches his idol, talk show host Jerry Langford, with a request to play on the Jerry’s show, he only receives the run-around. However, he doesn’t give up and keeps chasing Jerry until he gets his way. In order to finally get to perform his stand-up routine, he eventually must work with his insane Masha. The one who gets fascinate with Langford, to kidnap the talk show host.

4. Raging Bull (1980)

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Jake LaMotta is a prizefighter when he enters a boxing ring and destroys his adversary. But if he treats his friends and family the same way, he becomes a ticking time bomb that could detonate at any second. LaMotta wants his family to love him, but something always seems to stand in the way. Maybe it’s his aggressive paranoid and jealous outbursts. He became a champion thanks to this kind of wrath, but in reality, he often finds himself by himself in the ring.

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5. The Irishman (2019)

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In his later years, the frail octogenarian Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran—a former meat carrier, the strong president of Local 326 of Delaware’s Teamsters Union, a cunning racketeer, and a mob hitman—finds himself abandoned in a nursing home in West Chester, Pennsylvania, confined to a wheelchair. Sheeran describes his first murder, which was significant, his connections to the notorious Bufalino crime family, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the vigorous campaign of the Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, and his alleged involvement in the killing of Jimmy Hoffa, an American labour leader and the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Right now, salvation can only be found through reconciliation.

6. Casino (1995)

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Las Vegas has a Janus-like quality—it has both a bright, seductive face and a cold, ruthless one. Mobsters Ace Rothstein and Nicky Santoro live and work in this surreal environment after moving to Las Vegas to make their mark. The specifics of the mob’s involvement in the casinos of the 1970s and 1980s are made known through their perspectives, one acting as a counterbalance to the other. Nicky, a tough strongman who robs and connives with the locals, is Ace’s childhood friend and the slick manager of the Tangiers casino. Ace falls in love with Ginger, a hustler, while Nicky descends into an ever-deepening cycle of drugs and violence. However, they both have a sad defect.

7. Mean Streets (1973)

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The guilty Italian-American Charlie, a Catholic in his own unconventional way, is slowly moving up the ranks of Little Italy’s Mafia in New York City and feels compelled to defend his wild, rebellious, and troubled comrade Johnny Boy. Charlie wants to leave more than anything in the world, and he is determined to realise his dream. However, since Johnny will always be in debt to nearly all of the violent loan sharks in the town, Charlie may never be able to pursue his goal. Charlie gradually realises that his laborious attempts to adapt quickly fail as his growing inner conflicts threaten to sunder his unwavering loyalty to his loose-cannon comrade.

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8. Cape Fear (1991)

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Max Cady is sentenced to 14 years in jail after his lawyer Sam Bowden willfully withholds evidence that would have cleared him of the allegation of rape. With knowledge of Sam’s deceit, Max dedicates his life to following and ruining the Bowden family after being released, though. In Martin Scorsese’s reimagining of the legendary 1962 thriller, Sam learns that he must break the law. In order to defend his wife and kids after reasonable measures to stop Max fail.

9. New York, New York (1977)

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During the post-World War II V-J Day celebrations, promising saxophonist Jimmy Doyle meets veteran USO band singer Francine Evans. Besides forming a musical duo, the two also fall in love. They are married and have a family right away, but over time their tumultuous relationship breaks down. Once again, Jimmy and Francine meet paths after a while, when they have both achieved success in their occupations.