Ranking Every DCEU Movie, It looks like DCEU has finally found its footing. After a rough start, the franchise has found its way. The last two movies of DCEU have been phenomenal. Both The Suicide Squad and Justice League: Snyder Cut were brilliant. Yes, we will include Snyder Cut in this list. We know that it is not canon, but many DCEU directors have made movies according to that cut only. So, we will include that in our list.

With The Suicide Squad just being released, we thought it would be the right time to make this list. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Ranking Every DCEU Movie

Ranking Every DCEU Movie

11. Justice League(2017)

Yeah, let’s get this one out of the way first. After Zack Snyder was removed from this project, Joss Whedon took its place. And with Warner Brother’s vision, he made something that was really bad. Fans hated it, even the actors working on it, hated it. It was half Snyder’s vision and half Whedon’s vision and it was a complete mess. If WB hasn’t listened to the critics this much and let Zack complete his vision, we would have gotten Snyder Cut in 2017 only.

10. Suicide Squad

This movie suffered the same fate as Justice League. After looking at the critics that said that Batman Vs Superman and Man Of Steel were dark. WB hired an editor and cut down most of David Ayer’s work. And that too just a week before the release. And that can never be good. Once again the movie was completely butchered and we were left with something disappointing with punchlines here and there.

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9. Wonder Woman 84

The first part of Wonder Woman was amazing. It is still one of my favorite superhero movies of all time. But the second part felt so forced. Another example of WB killing their own movie is by adding new writers. The first part was completely Patty Jenkins’s vision, whereas the second part involved more than one writer. And that really killed the movie in more than one way. It felt forced, the first part was very slow, the hope factor was used more than necessary. The action was good but still wasn’t able to redeem the movie that much.

Wonder Woman 84

8. Birds Of Prey

Birds of Prey replaced the Gotham Sirens movie and it somehow sucked. It was not that bad, but it was not that good either. It felt like fan service more than a movie. I liked the movie, but from a neutral point of view, it was not that good. Harley Quinn was good, she is always good. It is a delight to see her. Other characters were also good, but the story wasn’t on that level.

7. Aquaman

The first part of Aquaman was really good. It was really good. It is on seventh because other movies on this list are better. Amber Heard did a decent job, apart from all the controversies. Jason Momoa ruled as Aquaman. The story was also good and the movie entertained us from start to end. I wasn’t bored for even a single second while watching the movie. And it established Aquaman as a serious hero in DC, which was needed after the 2017 Justice League.

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6. Man Of Steel

It was the first movie of DCEU and it was really good. Critics only saw destructions, I saw one of the strongest superheroes getting tested like never before. Man Of Steel really saw Superman getting tested like I haven’t seen in any previous movies. It really drove him to the edge and the final scene where he snaps Zod’s neck was the proof of that. And those Papa Kent’s visions we got because of this movie. I will always cherish Man of Steel.

5. Shazam

Many people thought that the first part of Shazam will be childish and won’t be good. But it silent every critic when it came out. It still is one of the best DCEU movies ever and will remain like that for a long time. Shazam was not childish in any way. It was all right kind of serious and funny. There are very few movies that find the perfect balance between these two aspects. But Shazam was able to do it and that is why it is such a good movie.


4. Wonder Woman

The first part of Wonder Woman was really wonderful. It was brilliant and is my favorite female superhero movie of all time. And I don’t see any other movie getting close to it. Gal Gadot was amazing, Chris Pine was brilliant, and Petty Jenkins just wrote the perfect script considering the characters. I love Wonder Woman and will always love it no matter what.

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3. The Suicide Squad

The new Suicide Squad was the movie that we expected when the first part came out. It might be one of the best comicbook movies ever. It was so good that it might be able to clear off any memories of its predecessor. The Suicide Squad is firing from all cylinders and is a really fun watch. It feels like what we should have gotten in the first place that WB deprived us of.

2. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Yes, I know that other fans and critics hated this movie. But it is still my favorite DCEU movie. It showed me a version of Batman that I never thought I would get on the screen. I love this movie. I know that Batman doesn’t kill and it is his defining trait, but every creator has the right to show his own version of every character. Ben Affleck was amazing as a ruthless Batman. And I will rate Batman Vs Superman as the best DCEU movie.

Justice League: Snyder Cut

After 4 years of struggle, we finally got the movie that every fan wanted. And it was as good as expected. It redeemed so many things from the original one. It established Aquaman as a serious hero, It redeemed The Flash, redeemed Steppenwolf, and completely turn Cyborg into a hero. If we could have gotten this movie in the first place, DCEU would have been looking so much different right now.

Justice League Snyder Cut

So, this was our rating of every DCEU movie so far. Don’t forget that this is our personal opinion and you might have a different point of view than us. Which is your favorite DCEU movie? Let us know down below.