The directorial pair Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson earned a name for themselves by creating creative and brain-twisting science fiction horror stories. Often working with low budgets and focusing more on ideas than spectacle. Moorhead and Benson will undoubtedly be able to expand and exhibit their filmmaking abilities in front of a larger audience thanks to their assistance in directing two episodes of Moon Knight. It’s evident that the two share a fondness with heady science fiction concepts. Whether it’s time loops or extraterrestrial visitation. Also, they’re not concerned about their ideas being too huge for their films’ budgets. All of their previous films, rated from worst to finest, are listed below.

1. Resolution (2012)

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Cast- Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, Vinny Curran, Peter Ciella

Soon-to-be-a-dad Michael makes a last-ditch effort to save his longtime but drug-addicted friend Chris from an impending drug overdose. Michael drags Chris into detox by handcuffing him to an open plumbing line. But while keeping an eye on his friend, he realises that something isn’t quite right in the zone Chris has wandered into. The place appears to attract a number of weird people due to its location on Indian Reservation territory. Someone or someone has had a long-standing interest in capturing local activities on various recording equipment (CDs, film, phonographs, etc.). Michael realises he’s been drawn into the newest “narrative” of an invisible entity. One with a bleak ending in store for him and his companion. Unless they can come up with their own suitable alternative.

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With such a small cast, the story’s weight falls fully on Cilella and Curran’s shoulders, and the two of them are fantastic. In a matter of minutes, their banter can shift from amusing to tragic.

2. Spring (2014)

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Cast- Nadia Hilker, Lou Taylor Pucci, Augie Duke, Jeremy Gardner

Evan has recently lost his mother and is concerned that his life is falling out of control. He runs away to Italy, where he meets Louise, a beautiful young woman. When Evan tries to get closer to Louise, she shrinks up, worried that a dark secret she keeps from him may harm him. Spring stands out among the duo’s films. Because it feels like an idea that has finally found a home within the budget constraints. It may not be a timeless narrative, but it is a timeless tale.

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3. Synchronic (2019)

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Cast- Anthony Mackie, Jamie Dornan, Ally Ioannides, Katie Aselton

Steve and Dennis, two New Orleans paramedics and longtime friends, are summoned to a sequence of strange and brutal accidents. They chalk it up to a mystery new substance discovered on the site. However, once Dennis’ oldest daughter vanishes, Steve discovers a horrifying truth about the alleged psychedelic. It would cause him to question everything he believes about reality and time itself. One of the most admirable aspects of their films is that the concepts are never stifled in order to fit inside the budgetary limits. The duo will always bite off more than they can chew, but when they finally get a greater budget to play with in Synchronic, they appear to be petrified by the possibilities. The picture has the air of a tentative first step out the front door of a micro-budget indie house.

4. The Endless (2017)

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Cast- Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, Callie Hernandez, Tate Ellington

This mind-bending drama follows two brothers who are inspired to return to the UFO death cult they abandoned a decade ago after receiving a cryptic video message. They’re compelled to reconsider the cult’s ideas when faced with strange phenomena surrounding the camp, hoping to achieve the closure they couldn’t find as young men. The brothers rush to uncover the seemingly impossible truth before their lives get permanently linked with the cult as the members prepare for the arrival of a strange event. The picture feeds on its material objectivity. The movie doesn’t take sides between the brothers and the cultists, and by the time it’s all revealed, none of it matters.

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5. V/H/S: Viral- Bonestorm (2014)

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Cast- Nick Blanco, Chase Newton, Shane Brady, Cristián Toledo

A police chase through the streets of Los Angeles spurs scores of fame-hungry teenagers to try to catch the juicy footage, but they have no idea that they will become the next viral video hit. In keeping with the series’ signature found footage aesthetic, Moorhead and Benson ingeniously blend handheld camera shots with video from the action camera affixed to the skateboarders’ helmets. The close framing of the action cameras adds to the claustrophobic impression of the skateboarders being encircled by cultists during the combat sequences. It stands out from the rest of the movie.