There are films which you watch according to your preference of mood, actors, stories or even directors. However, there are some movies that people keep suggesting to everyone. They want everyone to watch them because they are so good. Below are some random films that you should watch…at least once in your life.

1. Corpse Bride

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Director- Tim Burton

Victor Van Dort, the son of a fish merchant, is forced into an arranged marriage with Victoria Everglot, a wealthy woman with whom he has never spoken. When Victor’s wedding rehearsals go horribly wrong, he goes deep into the woods to practice his vows. When he eventually gets them correct, he learns he repeated them to a corpse by accident. His new, dead bride takes him to the Land of the Dead, while his living fiancée waits impatiently in the Land of the Living for his return. Victor must choose between his love-at-first-sight fiancée Victoria and his sad corpse bride Emily, who are both pining for him.

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2. House Of Hummingbird

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Director- Kim Bora

A poignant coming-of-age drama set in 1994 in Seoul, centering on the quiet, unexceptional eighth-grader Eun-Hee. She spends her time looking for meaning in her peers’ love and friendships, shoplifting, and karaoke clubs, despite struggling to get passing grades and being subjected to nonstop yelling at home. Eun-Hee, on the other hand, finds the answers she seeks in her cram school professor Yong-Ji, with whom she forms an odd bond.

3. The Favourite

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Director- Yorgos Lanthimos

Abigail Hill is a mud-covered former aristocrat. He arrives at the palace with nothing to beg for a job against the backdrop of the costly War of the Spanish Succession in early-eighteenth-century England. With the petulant monarch’s close confidante, Sarah Churchill, covertly running the kingdom. Also, an unwell Queen Anne largely cares for her fluffy herd of bunnies. However, it won’t be long before the castle’s newest scullery maid senses a wonderful opportunity to recover her status. The vicious female opponents now have no choice but to conduct a quiet struggle for the attention of the sorrowful empress, amid insatiable ambition, innovative emotional manipulation, and hidden personal agendas.

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4. Jojo Rabbit

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Director- Taika Waititi

In the final months of the Third Reich, Johannes “Jojo” Betzler, an unpopular ten-year-old German kid, can’t wait to join the ranks of the Nazi Party’s youth organization. There, he will be separated from the others for an arduous training weekend. Instead of being swathed in swastikas and ready to offer his life for his megalomaniac idol, Adolf Hitler, Jojo is booted out of the Hitler Youth after a terrible first assignment in front of his peers. A shameful setback that earns him an equally degrading nickname. Now that he has nothing but time on his hands, Johannes is in for a nasty awakening when he unintentionally unearths his progressive mother’s well-kept secret. He is confronted with a frightening new world so, unlike the hypnotic indoctrination, he’s received.

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5. The Motorcycle Diaries

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Director- Walter Salles Jr.

The Motorcycle Diaries is based on Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna’s diaries from when he was 23 years old. He and his companion Alberto Granado are normal college students who, in search of excitement and adventure prior to graduation. They decide to travel across Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela to complete their medical residency at a leper colony. Ernesto and Alberto start out as a buddy/road movie looking for ladies, fun, and adventure before they had to grow up and have a more serious existence. It’s about “two lives running parallel for a while,” as the movie says. The two best friends begin with similar objectives and ambitions. However, at the end of the film, it’s evident what each man’s fate has become.