Ragnarok Season 2 Netflix Review, The second season just came out and Fans are already demanding the third season.

Ragnarok Season 2 Netflix Review just came out and fans are going mad for it. Ragnarok season 2 Netflix released on May, 27 on Netflix and it has been one of the best hits of 2021 so far. When Ragnarok season 1 came out in January 2020, I was really impressed by the show. It won’t be wrong to say that Ragnarok is one of the most underrated modern shows. Yes, I know the show is cheesy but that is what I love about it. The only thing that made me sad was the number of episodes. Each season has only 6 episodes as there are so many stories and character depths that can be explored if they increase the number of episodes.

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Ragnarok Season 2 Plot

Ragnarok is a Norwegian fantasy series based on Norse mythology. The show’s official synopsis reads “A small Norwegian town experiencing warm winters and violent downpours seem to be headed for another Ragnarok — unless someone intervenes in time”.

Jutuls are the embodiment of Jötnar and are living in the town as a family. Their reign will end when they will face a boy named Magne. When Magne realized that he is the son of Thor, he decided to take the war with Jutuls to save his town.

Ragnarok season 2 picked up right from where season 1 ended. At the end of season one, we saw Magne and Vidar finally clashing in an all-out war. Now if we tell you the result it will be a spoiler so watch it for yourself. Ragnarok Season 2 Netflix Review saw our main hero struggling with his new role as Thor. He wants to save his town but the burden of new powers and the war has left him confused. The show portrays that beautifully.

Ragnarok Season 2 Netflix Review

It showed Magne’s confusion and hardship with the new powers and mantle. It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most beautiful-looking shows of 2021. The pacing of the show was brilliant. And being only six episodes long is the proof of that. The only downside was the overdoing of “the small city with big secrets” trope here. It got boring after a while but nothing you can’t look past.

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Ragnarok Season 2 Cast

Ragnarok’s season 2 cast was the same as the first one and all of them did their job tremendously. David Stakston as Magne was brilliant and he brought out every shade of the character amazingly. Another cast member that impressed me was Theresa Frostad Eggesbø as Saxa. She understood her role and knew what to do in every scene. I don’t think she missed a single beat in both seasons. Herman Tømmeraas as Fjor was also impressive. Jonas Strand Gravli, Synnøve Macody Lund, and Emma Bones were also some of the best actors in the show.


As I said earlier, it is one of the best-looking shows of 2021. The location, direction, and the camerawork, everything was on point. There were some instances where you could see the expressions of actors changing explicitly and the director made sure to cover those. Even if the plot was weak I could have watched it again just for the direction.

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Will there be a Season 3?

Yes, if you watch the second season till the end you will realize that season 3 is surely in the plans and it will come out sooner or later. Season 3 will show Magne and his half-brother, Laurits, finally waging an all-out war against the Jutuls. In my opinion season, 3 will be the last in the tale and it will be explosive.

Where To Watch?

You can watch the show officially on Netflix. There is no regional boundaries so you can enjoy the show from anywhere.

Personally, I absolutely loved the show and I am eagerly waiting for the third season. And now I have high hopes for the presumably final season. Ragnarok Season 2 Netflix Review is the perfect show to binge this evening and all of you should watch it.