Series- Only Murders In The Building

Genre- Crime, Comedy, Mystery, Drama

Starring- Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez

Streaming Platform- Hotstar Disney

Table of Contents


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Strangers Charles, Oliver, and Mabel share two things in common. They live in New York’s exclusive Upper West Side apartment building and they are obsessed with true crime stories. When a brutal death occurs in their building, the trio decides to use their extensive knowledge of true crime to investigate the murder.

The sleuths begin to unravel the building’s complex secrets. It dates back years, as they record a podcast to document the case. Add in the explosive lies they tell each other, and the stage is set for intrigue and mystery. Soon after, the three amateur detectives realize that a murderer may be among them and that they are in grave danger.

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Only Murders in the Building poses some intriguing questions from the start. It ponders on how well we know our neighbors and the commonalities we can share with strangers.
It gradually reveals the layers of history and experience hidden beneath the smiles of casual hallway exchanges. Along with the assumptions we can make about people we don’t know.

Only Murders in the Building is a lot of fun for fans of true crime, or just a good mystery. But you never know what’s going to be discovered next, and the eccentricities of each tenant become known.


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Only Murders in the Building on Disney+ is clearly for mature audiences due to some of the language and themes. However, if it continues, it could keep hooked until the very last twist if it keeps going down the line it started with. The audience seems to ve anticipated the second season. Many hopes and expectations are attached to the second season. So let us see what happens.

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