No Rocky In Creed’s Corner, Creed 3 Release Date, Plot, and Other Details: As the previous reports suggested Creed 3 is happening. But Rocky won’t be in it. In a recent interview, Sylvester Stone stated that he won’t be part of the third installment in the Creed series. Sylvester always had an important role in the Creed series teaching him the in and outs of the fight. His role in the second part was very monumental to the series. It was one of the best shifts in character and in the first part, he got the award of Best Supporting Actor. So, it will be really odd to not see Rocky when every character in the movie is so deeply affected by him. Sure, it will change the pace and dynamic of the movie, but it might also serve as a good change of pace.

No Rocky In Creed’s Corner

Sylvester had already mentioned that he won’t be part of the Creed franchise anymore in May 2020. But nothing was officially announced at that time. And still, there are no further details available to anyone regarding his release from the series. Sylvester has not only been the actor in the Rocky series but also the director and one of the major creators in the franchise No Rocky In Creed’s Corner. And when in 2015, Ryan Coogler told him the idea, he loved it and was immediately on board with it. Sylvester was unbelievable as a supporting actor. Not taking the shine away from Micheal B. Jordan’s Creed, but still making a huge impact. After the success of both movies, Creed is now a franchise of its own and probably doesn’t need Rocky now. And it might also serve as a good end to an iconic character in American cinema.

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What’s Next For Rocky?

Though he will not be part of Creed 3, Sylvester still has lots of plans for Rocky. He has just completed the director’s cut for Rocky IV and is planning a prequel TV series for Rocky also. He announced on his Instagram account about the completion of the director’s cut of Rocky IV. Sylvester No Rocky In Creed’s Corner was happy that he finally got the chance to complete the movie in his own vision. The director’s cut was originally supposed to release in November last year, but Sylvester was not able to complete it in time. But now that the cut is completed I just can’t wait to see it as soon as possible.

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The director’s cut will feature some additional scenes and some scenes getting cut off from the original one. We will see a fight scene with Rocky and Ivan that was not in the original and finally, there won’t be Paulie’s robot in this one.

Sylvester doesn’t plan on stopping there only. He has thrown so many ideas regarding his character in past few years. One of those ideas were, Rocky teaching an immigrant how to Box and make him a star. Another idea is a Rocky prequel TV series and it looks like it will happen. He has so many ideas regarding the series and he is contacting various streamers to pitch that idea. I just hope his idea gets approved and we will once again see Rocky in action. It is obvious that it won’t be Sylvester playing Rocky in the prequel series, but it still looks interesting nonetheless.

Creed 3 Release Date

Creed 3 shooting is scheduled to start in the coming months and will be wrapped up by the end of 2021 or early 2022. The movie is scheduled to release on November 23, 2022, but it can get delayed, No Rocky In Creed’s Corner considering the present condition of the world. The second wave of COVID-19 is hitting everyone and it can affect the shooting schedule of the movie. We hope that every actor remains safe and shooting can be completed in time for the scheduled release.

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Just like Sylvester back in his day, Michael B.Jordan will take the helms of directing the third part of the series. Zach Baylin and Keenan Coogler are penning down the script of the movie. Only Tessa Thompson and Michael B.Jordan are confirmed cast at the moment. We will update you as soon as something else is announced No Rocky In Creed’s Corner.

No matter what you say, it is a fitting end for Rocky’s character in the Creed series. In my opinion, he shouldn’t have come back even after the first series. The first part was perfect for Rocky’s departure. He helped his frenemy’s son and won the battle of cancer also. It would have been the hero’s departure. No Rocky In Creed’s Corner No matter how good his character work in the second movie was, it will be difficult to write him off the series now. But, now is the perfect time for Creed to continue his story on his own from the story’s point of view. And if any ideas by Sylvester get the green light, it will be the best-case scenario.