Film: No Country for Old Men

Directors: Ethan CoenJoel Coen

Runtime: 2h 2mins.

Available on: Netflix

Cast: Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson

2007 has got to be one of the most iconic years in the history of cinema. With the release of two cult classics namely, No Country for Old Men & There Will Be Blood. This film has given Hollywood, it’s most iconic villain yet. A villain who has a bobcat haircut. The credits go to none other than the brilliant minds of the Coen brothers.

No Country for Old Men is adapted from the popular novel with the same name. We dive into the story through the eyes of Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) who discovers a huge bag of unsolicited money amid a lot of corpses of gang-men killed in action. The story becomes full of conflict when a psychopath killer, who fears nothing is able to find the tracker to the bag and leads to a cat and dog chase between them. All of this is being vaguely followed by the character of Tommy Lee Jones. A cop whose point of view ultimately gives the story it’s worthy title.


The film exudes brilliance in every aspect, be it characters, scenes or masterful compositions. Ethan and Joel Coen proved their mettle to their respective field yet again. It is them who crafted the character of Anton Chigurh, a psychopath who is a living embodiment of death itself. Be it the choice of giving him a bobcat haircut or to put no music in the film. Yes the film does not have any ambient music of it’s own. All this effectively delves the audience directly to the epicenter of the trance. Therefore, in terms of Direction the film passes with flying colors.

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The cinematography deserves inch by inch equal appreciation as the direction. Legendary Cinematographer Roger Deakins gives out a performance breaking the known bounds of excellence. Be it the serenity of the landscapes, the beguiling meadows or the scary encounters of Anton Chigurh. With a display of sheer skills and talent Deakins captures it all. The cinematography alone becomes a major factor to watch out for. Overall, the cinematography associated with the name of Roger Deakins does fulfill it’s expectations.


A near perfect ensemble of actors, thriving skillfully over the edges of excellence. With each actor’s performance overshadowing the performance of the latter, the film becomes a treat to watch. Javier Bardem proved his skills to the world by bagging the Oscar for Best Supporting Role thus, becoming the part of a role that would be cherished for generations. Not to forget the compelling performances of the veterans such as Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Woody Harrelson. The cast did an exceptionally well job in bringing the film to life.

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Overall, No Country for Old Men on Netflix is an absolute treat to watch. With spotless performances, masterful direction and sharp images, the film registers it’s name in the good books of cinema. Lastly, Anton Chigurh played by Bardem crafts a role that would fathom unscathed in the minds of generations to come. Must Watch.