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1. Don’t Breathe 2 (2021)

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Director- Rodo Sayagues

Cast- Stephen Lang, Madelyn Grace

The Blind Man has been hiding away in a lonely hut for years. There he has taken in and nurtured a young girl whose parents died in a house fire. When a bunch of kidnappers shows up and kidnap the girl, the Blind Man is forced to leave his safe haven in order to save her.

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The journey of the film with dark mystery is promising than the reveal itself which can hook you up to watch the movie. With a promising cast with Stephen Lang in it, the film is a good reason to watch.

2. A Quiet Place II

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Director- John Krasinski

Cast- Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe

Evelyn Abbott, grieving at the discovery of the supposedly invulnerable creatures’ weakness, finds herself alone. Along with two young teenagers and a defenseless newborn boy, and nowhere to hide. Now, 474 days after the all-out alien attack, the Abbotts muster every ounce of fortitude they can muster to leave their now-burned-to-the-ground farm and embark on a peril-filled adventure to locate civilization. With this in mind, and a desire to push above the limits, the tenacious survivors have no choice but to walk into the eerily calm, inhospitable territory, hoping for a miracle. This time, however, the adversary is everywhere.

The film has continued right after the first part with raising the staking and with more cool actions. If you had enjoyed the first part, you’re gonna love the second part as well. The sequel has managed to live up to the expectations of the audience.

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3. Hotel Coppelia

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Director- Jose Maria Cabral

Cast- Nashla Bogaert, Luma Lizardo

The Dominican Republic, 1965. When liberation warriors organize a revolutionary coup in a beach brothel, the lives of a group of prostitutes take a dramatic change, making them realize they may have a better life and possibly find love. When the US army suppresses the revolution and commandeers the brothel as a military outpost, the girls are forced to choose between sleeping with the enemy and preserving their dignity at all means.

The film feels uncomfortable while watching as it shows the transparency of the exploitation. As it shows the realities of the lives of people in 1965, it generated a great sympathy for people we didn’t recognize as our own.

4. The Forever Purge

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Director- Everardo Valerio Gout

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Cast- Ana De La Reguera, Josh Lucas, Leven Rambin

Adela and Juan travel from Mexico to the United States in pursuit of a better life. They succeed, and they have both found employment and are adjusting to life in the United States. At the ranch where Juan works, life is generally decent, despite occasional conflict with the boss’s son. Purge Night comes and passes, and things appear to return to normal if normal means watching employees hose blood off of buildings and showing up to work without the majority of your workforce. Even in broad daylight, Adela and Juan discover that the Purge is far from done and that none of the norms established by the New Founding Fathers apply any longer. They’ll have to figure out how to stay alive in a world where the Purge never ends.

With the successful franchise, this film also follows the theme of following people trying to escape the US. The film sets the whole popcorn-film vibes. Though it does not contribute to the cinema, still offers some thrill.