Indeed, we should be doing more to protect the environment. If the real-life environmental effects of our actions aren’t enough to persuade you. Perhaps it’s time to see William Shatner get trample by a swarm of tarantulas. Watching the planet exact brutal vengeance on its heartless human occupants can be therapeutic at times. The films on this list are of varying quality, ranging from classics like The Birds to intellectual horror like Annihilation. The following are some of the most disturbing films depicting nature’s retaliation.

1. The Birds (1963)

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Director- Alfred Hitchcock

Melanie Daniels is a modern-day socialite, a member of the jet-set who always gets her way. Mitch Brenner, a lawyer, spots her in a pet shop and decides to repay the favour. Mitch spends weekends with his mother Lydia and younger sister Cathy in Bodega Bay, roughly an hour north of San Francisco. However, the birds in the vicinity start behaving abnormally soon after she arrives. Melanie gets attack by a seagull as she travels across the bay in a tiny boat. On the other hand, Lydia later discovers her neighbour dead, clearly the victim of a bird assault. Hundreds of thousands of birds will soon descend on anyone found outside. There is no explanation for why this is happening, and survival becomes the goal as the birds resume their violent attacks.

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2. Long Weekend (1978)

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Director- Colin Eggseston

A angry married couple on the verge of divorce. Peter and Marcia, embark on a camping trip to mend their split. As the weekend progresses, the egotistical couple engages in increasingly irresponsible behaviour that shows a growing disregard for their natural surroundings. When Peter and Marcia gets attack by a series of strange animals, it’s evident that Mother Nature is out for vengeance.

3. The Toxic Avenger (1984)

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Director- Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz

Melvin, the Tromaville Health Club mop boy, trusts the hedonistic, scornful, and conceited health club members. Unknowingly and naively, to the point of accidentally ending up in a tank of hazardous waste. As a result of the terrible results, his alter ego is released, and the Toxic Avenger is born, with both deadly and amusing results. The neighbourhood mop boy has transformed into a local Superhero, saving the community from corruption, thuggish bullies, and indifference. Troma classic with excellent make-up and stunts, a delightful surprise.

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4. Kingdom Of The Spiders (1977)

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Director- John Cardos

Following the death of farmer Walter Colby’s prized calf, veterinary Dr. Robert ‘Rack’ Hansen sends blood samples to the University to be studied. Dr. Diane Ashley, a biologist, arrives a few days later and reports that the animal was attacked by spiders and was killed by a large dosage of their venom. Rack and Diane arrive at Walter’s farm, where they discover a massive spider nest. They also discover that the village is surrounded by a massive number of killer spiders, with no means to flee.

5. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

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Director- Roland Emmerich

Jack Hall is a prominent palaeoclimatologist. He gets mock for his humanitarian fears about global warming in front of the US Vice President at a United Nations conference in New Delhi. He is persuaded that a new ice age is closer than everyone thinks. Soon, terrible tornadoes devastate Los Angeles, a major tidal surge floods Manhattan, and a massive super-storm hits the northern hemisphere. In the midst of it all, Jack’s son, Sam, is stranded in a New York public library with a group of pals. As Hall embarks on a perilous journey from Washington, D.C. to find his son. The global temperature drops, hiding everything beneath an impenetrable blanket of ice.

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6. The Last Winner (2006)

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Director- Larry Fessenden

North Corporation, an American oil corporation, is constructing an ice road to search for oil in the far-flung Northern Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The independent environmentalists and the base commander, Ed Pollack, negotiate an agreement with the government, which approves the operation’s protocols and reports. When one of the crew members gets discover dead in the snow, environmentalist James Hoffman fears that gases were accidently discharge from the drill site. As a result, causing hallucinations and insanity among the members. He persuades Ed to accompany the team to a hospital for assessment after a second deadly occurrence, but people continue to perish.

7. Annihilation (2018)

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Director- Alex Garland

Kane, the rough military, has been absent in action for almost a year and is thought dead. With his wife, Lena, a successful academic biology professor, still mourning his death, an unparalleled phenomenon in the Florida swamplands will soon have her following in Kane’s footsteps as a member of a strong all-women team. Many theories gets propose to explain the enigmatic ever-expanding iridescent membrane that is swallowing the area. However, none of them has been proven.