My Love: Six Stories of True Love | Official Trailer | Netflix: Another month, Another Docuseries by Netflix. This time they are back with a sweet and heartwarming web-series. My Love: Six Stories of True Love is an expansion of Korean director Jin Moyoung’s documentary. Jin Moyoung’s celebrated documentary My Love, Don’t Cross That River followed the life of a couple in South Korea, who were married for 76 years. Now, Netflix is going to follow the life of 6 couples like this from all over the world. Surely, the series is going to melt you down.

Love never dies, right? These six-featured couples will prove that to you. It is that warm and fuzzy feeling that you get while watching the trailer. I think a lot of people with lonely hearts who became cynical needed this right now. It will be a perfect heartwarming series to make you feel all warm and fuzzy in your happy glands.

Jin recently told in an interview that Netflix approached him with the idea of expanding his movie into a series. He loved the idea and was on board immediately. He was also an integral part of selecting the couple for the show, even though he wasn’t able to travel amidst lockdown restrictions.

My Love: Six Stories of True Love Plot

According to Netflix’s official synopsis “Inspired by the acclaimed Korean documentary My Love, Don’t Cross That River, the poignant series MY LOVE documents a year in the lives of six elderly couples from around the world. Globe-trotting through Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, the U.S., and Spain, the six-part docuseries gets to the heart of long-lasting love.” and “Six longtime couples in different parts of the world share their decades-long love in these tender portraits filmed over the course of one year.”

The series will feature the story of six different couples from six different parts of the world. They will show you that even after spending almost all of their life together, their love is still intact. I think that after all these hard times we needed something like this. Now that COVID is returning and lockdown might be initiated again. This series might give us that sense of positivity that we needed.

As an Indian, I am just happy that we are getting a Maharashtra couple representing us. And another thing that really melted my heart was the inclusion of a homosexual couple. I mean, how often do you see a gay old couple? I am so hyped up to hear about their story. It just shows that no matter what hardship you might get, if you really love the person, you will get through it together. And the best part is that it won’t be cringy or anything like that. It will be pure joy, that might leave you with tears at the end of it.

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Release Date

The show is all set to release on April 13, 2021. It will have six episodes with each episode featuring a different couple. Each episode will be 40-50 minutes long, and you know what? I am not complaining even a single bit. The show will release on Netflix without any regional boundaries so you can enjoy it from anywhere in the world.

Each episode will be directed by different directors. The first episode of Brazil is directed by Carolina Sá. It will feature Jurema and Nicinha. Both of them are grandmothers now and how they juggle their life and their love for each other will be a beautiful thing to watch. The second episode will take place in India and will be directed by Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa. It will feature a farmer couple Satyabhama and Satva. Their marriage might have been arranged, but after being married for 42 years, there is nothing arranged about their love now. The third episode will feature Japanese couple Haruhei and Kinuko. It will be directed by Hikaru Toda. I personally found this couple’s story most heartwarming.

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The Fourth episode is based on a Korean couple named Saengja and Yeongsam. They are just one year shy of celebrating their 50th anniversary together. Chico Pereira will direct the fifth episode and it will feature a Spanish couple Nati and Augusto. And the final episode will be based in the USA. Featuring David and Ginger and is directed by Elaine McMillion Sheldon.

My Love: Six Stories of True Love: What to Expect?

In my opinion, expect to cry. Not a single soul will watch this and not get emotional. This is simple but hits you so hard! That’s love. Eternal and forever. If Netflix can really present us in a beautiful way, I will watch this again and again.