When Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen appears on screen, he makes playing credible villains and complex characters look easy. After all, recreating a legendary character like Hannibal Lector or filling in for Johnny Depp in the third Harry Potter spinoff is difficult. Nonetheless, the actor shows that he is completely at comfortable with employing his serious facial expressions to his advantage. While we wait for more upcoming performances that never fail to impress, take a look back at some of Mads Mikkelsen’s most memorable roles.

1. Hannibal (2013-2015)

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Created By- Bryan Fuller

Despite needing to live up to that performance and Hannibal’s cultural impact on psychological thrillers, Mikkelsen not only embraced the challenge of bringing the villain back to life in the NBC series Hannibal, but he also managed to honour his predecessor. While fully immersed in the murder investigation against him, Mikkelsen’s Hannibal captured more of the character’s personal life by showing him devouring gourmet-style human flesh.

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2. Pusher (1996)

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Director- Nicolas Winding Refn

Frank isn’t the best heroin dealer in Copenhagen, but he makes decent money pushing with a pal. Frank goes to Milo, a drug kingpin, when he wants to up the ante, but he doesn’t have enough money for the heroin. Instead, Milo gives him the stuff on the condition that he repays him right away. However, when Frank goes to make the trade and the cops show up, he has to abandon the drugs. If Frank is to live, he must find a means to repay Milo.

3. A Royal Affair (2012)

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Directo- Nikolaj Arcel

Princess Caroline of the United Kingdom is betrothed to the unpredictable King Christian VII of Denmark in 1767, but her existence with him in the harsh country becomes an isolated misery. Christian, on the other hand, quickly makes a friend in German Dr. Johann Struensee, a quiet Enlightenment idealist. Struensee is able to undertake broad enlightened changes of Denmark through Christian as the only one who can influence the King, even as Caroline falls for the doctor. Their secret affair, however, proves to be a terrible error that their conservative opponents exploit in a war that threatens to claim more victims than just the lovers.

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4. Casino Royale (2006)

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Director- Martin Campbell

In the form of freshly appointed double-00 Agent James Bond, the British Establishment has an ally. With a vengeance, he’s returned. His purpose is to take the utmost risk and put his life on the line in the arenas of terrorism and the ivory towers of power. His introduction is a sparring partner of intelligence and cruelty. Taking Bond around the world once more, but this time it’ll be at Casino Royale, where he’ll be taking no prisoners and leaving nothing but death in his wake. When the chips are down, this action packed high-octane movie will give what England expects, according to this compelling updated Ian Fleming thriller.

5. Arctic (2018)

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Director- Joe Penna

A guy stuck alone in the Arctic after a plane disaster battles for survival. When he sees a helicopter, he sees an opportunity to be rescued, but the helicopter crashes, and he pulls a wounded woman from the wreckage. He decides to start on a journey with the woman in the hopes of finding salvation or death after a long period of time.

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6. The Hunt (2020)

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Director- Craig Zobel

In a clearing, twelve strangers wake up. They have no idea where they are or how they get there. Rugged elitists meet at a secluded area in the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory to hunt humans for sport. But their great plan is about to fall apart as Crystal, one of the hunted, turns the tables on her pursuers.

7. Another Round (2020)

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Director- Thomas Vinterberg

Martin, Tommy, Nikolaj, and Peter—a close-knit group of friends, coworkers, and high school teachers—are faced with stale careers, failing marriages, and the bitter certainty of lost youth amid a recurring midlife crisis. Then, after a long, booze-fueled night in town, the friends came up with the notion of being semi-intoxicated all the time, based on an unproven scientific hypothesis that claims that persons who maintain a constant 0.05 percent Blood Alcohol Concentration are more relaxed, poised, and self-assured. The grizzled buddies quickly establish guidelines and begin testing the effects of maintaining that perfect, low-level buzz, one glass at a time.