Where The Crawdads Sing, a song composed exclusively by Taylor Swift for the movie and based on the same-named novel, was finally made public last week after considerable anticipation. Fans of the new film should watch some more excellent movies that are sucessful in many of the same ways as Where the Crawdads Sing.

1. A Mouthful Of Air (2021)

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Director- Amy Koppelman

In the early scenes of the film, Amanda Seyfried’s character Julie, a young mother and children’s book author from New York City, makes an attempt on her life. It is too painful for her to endure that she is suffering from postpartum depression. Although he is confused, her husband Ethan is sympathetic. Despite how much they care for Julie, no one seems to know how to assist her because they are unable to in reality.

2. The Starling (2021)

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Director-  Theodore Melfi

Jack leaves to deal with his grief after a hardship that the married couple encounters, leaving Lilly alone to deal with her own guilt. A starling that has nested in Lilly’s backyard starts to harass and assault her, and when that doesn’t stop, she develops a ridiculous obsession with killing it. Larry, an eccentric psychologist-turned-veterinarian with a problematic past of his own, helps Lilly eventually find guidance. As each aids the other in examining, acknowledging, and facing their issues, the two develop a special and unlikely bond.

3. Dark Places (2015)

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Director-  Gilles Paquet-Brenner

As the lone survivor of the Kinnakee massacre in 1985, which claimed the lives of all of her family members, Libby Day, who is convinced that her brother Ben is a practising witch, accuses him of being the insane murderer and, as a result, sends him to prison. Libby will inevitably accept Lyle Wirth’s invitation to give her side of the tale at the “True Crime Club” annual conference, almost thirty years after the horrifying events, when she is bitter and on the verge of bankruptcy. Nevertheless, Libby will start to question her brother’s guilt as she delves deeply into her terrible history. In addition, she will come to understand that there may be more than one killer, even though there is only one true side to every tale.

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4. Rebecca (2020)

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Director- Ben Wheatley

A recently married young woman travels to Manderley, her new husband’s grand family mansion on a windswept English shore, after a brief flirtation in Monte Carlo with attractive widower Maxim de Winter. She struggles to escape the shadow cast by Rebecca, Maxim’s first wife, a beautiful and urbane woman whose eerie legacy is preserved by Manderley’s evil housekeeper Mrs. Danvers. She is naive and inexperienced, and she finds it difficult to adjust to the trappings of her new existence.

5. The Little Things (2021)

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Director- John Lee Hancock

After the case that almost destroyed him, Joe Deacon, a guilt-ridden Kern County deputy sheriff with unfailing instincts who was once the pride of the Los Angeles Police Department, yearns for closure and finds himself caught up in a high-profile manhunt that has the entire city in fear. Deacon’s successor, the media-savvy lead investigator Jim Baxter, knows that he needs all the support he can get right now more than ever after two hard months of unsuccessful efforts, six victims, no witnesses, no proof, and the lunatic still on the loose. Additionally, a five-year-old cold case is becoming more and more similar to the frantic search for a serial killer.

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6. The Woman In the Window (2021)

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Director- Joe Wright

Since being cut off from her husband and their eight-year-old daughter for 10 long months, the miserable, pill-popping child psychologist Anna Fox has been hiding out in her hauntingly empty, dimly lit Manhattan brownstone apartment. When the Russells unexpectedly move in next door, Anna, who is struggling with agoraphobia and severe panic attacks, decides to use this opportunity to divert attention from her issues by peeping into the life of the unaware new residents. Then, one night, things get heated, a lethal kitchen knife shines in the dark light, and before long, someone dies.

7. Lost Girls (2020)

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Director- Liz Garbus

The main character of the film is Mari Gilbert, played by Amy Ryan, a single mother of three who works many jobs, and whose daughter Shannan, an escort, disappears after meeting with a client in the Long Island community of Oak Beach. Police find the bodies of many women, the majority of whom are thought to be sex workers, during Mari’s quest for Shannan. Mari joins the families of other missing and murdered sex workers in order to convince authorities to look into their cases because she is outraged by the way law enforcement handles their cases. Mari then takes it upon herself to represent her daughter.

8. The Girl On The Train (2016)

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Director- Tate Taylor

Each day, Rachel takes the train to and from New York. She passes her former home, where she and her ex-husband Tom used to reside, on the way. She is impressed by Megan, his new neighbour, and their ostensibly ideal marriage. However, Rachel struggles, with drinking being the most visible and damaging. Additionally, it looks that she is stalking her ex-husband, Anna, his new wife, and their child. Then Megan vanishes, and Rachel is the main suspect because of Megan’s likeness to Anna and her instability. The thing is, Rachel remembers meeting Megan the night she was last seen while in Megan’s neighbourhood, but she was too inebriated to remember what transpired.

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9. Knives Out (2019)

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Director- Rian Johnson

Except for the enigmatic and mysterious murder of the celebrated crime/mystery author Harlan Thrombey, nothing could spoil the extravagant birthday celebration at his opulent house. However, the cryptic investigator, Benoit Blanc, is not totally sure. The keen knife in the silver-haired deceased’s hand is a dead giveaway that something, or someone, had been worrying Harlan. All eyes are on the ultimate prize: Harlan’s beautiful legacy. In fact, more than one member of the successful author’s close family has thus far been sparing with the truth. As Blanc strives to cast light on a tangled jumble of half-baked leads and little white lies.

10. Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

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Director- Kenneth Branagh

Hercule Poirot, the renowned moustachioed Belgian detective, travels back to London on the opulent Orient Express with a diverse group of first-class passengers while daydreaming about finding balance in life. Poirot’s joy, though, is regrettably fleeting. The eager detective will have to find the sly murderer hiding among them as death marrs the eagerly anticipated vacation and a huge avalanche clogs the tracks, confining the passengers in a small area. Everyone is now a suspect, whether they like it or not, which forces Poirot to employ his extraordinary skill set to crack the case.