Most Underrated Anime of All Time: We have made quite a number of lists on this site now. We have made a list of the best anime of all time, now it is time to see the most underrated anime of all time. The anime world is really big and sometimes there are anime that goes under the radar of almost everyone. All of these anime also deserve the love the top anime gets. We are going to introduce you to some of the most underrated gems ever. So, buckle up as these are the Most Underrated Anime of All Time.

Most Underrated Anime Of All Time

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

What an emotional ride this anime really is. I have no idea why people don’t talk about this show as much as they should. It never goes onto any list. But it sure deserves to be on every anime list possible. That is the level of this anime. You will be emotionally attached to this anime. It feels like more of a documentary and what a documentary this is. Every single scene of this anime is beautiful and meaningful and you should watch it no matter what.

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Eden Of The East

I am not talking about the movies. Those were dull and kind of boring. But the anime was pure magic. The 11 episodes were so good and I finished the anime even before I realized it. It is a unique story and something unorthodox. It was one of my first anime and I am glad I watched it. Eden of the East is a unique experience and you will love it for sure. It is a terrorist-type anime that deals with lots of relevant issues even now. And you don’t see that very often. It is definitely worth watching for sure.


If you have read our previous list you will know how highly we regard Monster. It is one of the best anime ever and it is still underrated. You can say it is underappreciated more than underrated but I am involving Monster here. Just go and watch it and you won’t regret it. Please don’t go expecting some flashy things and action. It is a deep and complex anime and you have to appreciate it more than enjoy it. It will keep you intrigued but in a completely different way from what you will expect.

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One Outs

I can’t tell you how great this anime is. It is a sports psychological anime. Yeah, you didn’t think about that, right? It focuses on a baseball team, but rather than plays it focuses on players’ mindset. The only low point of this anime was the lack of interesting characters. Apart from 2-3 main characters, there weren’t many. But that doesn’t mean that it is bad in any way. It is brilliant and I will always hold One Out closer to my heart.


If you love a show that has lots of twists and turns, is funny, and has an epic story, Baccano is for you. I won’t go on forever about this show, but it is one of the best shows ever and you should watch it. It is one of the few anime that is set outside Japan so it is a fresh look.

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Death Parade

It’s a thrilling show which explores mortality/the afterlife and the psyches of people under pressure. It’s got great animation and sound to go along with it too. The Light Yagami scene is only a brief cameo, but that is all we need from him. It is a great watch and you should go and watch it.

Honorable Mentions

  • Moribito
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Darker Than Black
  • Mob Psycho 100

These were our picks for Most Underrated Anime of All Time. Know of any other anime that we missed? Because of course, we did. Let us know down below.