The 2010s were not just a fantastic decade for action movies, but also a decade in which the genre maintained its respect and reputation. A turning point in the history of action cinema was Mad Max: Fury Road, which was immediately hailed as one of the best movies of the twenty-first century. Movies like John Wick helped popularise the “gung fu” action genre in American cinema. The best action movies frequently cross over into comedies, science fiction, horror, and historical dramas. The undervalued gems with the combination of the aforementioned qualities are listed below.

1. ’71 (2014)

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Director- Yann Demange

Jack O’Connell portrays British soldier Gary Hook, whose unit has gets dispatch to Belfast to look into a violent event. We calmly watch him chatting with his brother and his family just before he leaves for the military. Moments of tranquilly will be hard to come by after Hook embarks on his mission, but the silence offers an unsettling calm before the storm. When Hook and another soldier arrive in Belfast, a disorderly riot causes them to become separated from their regiment that is withdrawing. Hook flees for uncharted territory after witnessing the other soldier’s horrible death. Hook gets pursue by irate Belfast residents as he retreats further and further into hostile terrain.

2. Allied (2016)

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Director- Robert Zemeckis

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To meet with Marianne Beauséjour, a member of the French Resistance from Paris, the daring Wing Commander Max Vatan flies into the Moroccan desert dunes in tumultuous 1942 during the height of World War II. Max and Marianne flee to England with the intention of starting a family soon after Max attempts to kill an elusive target during a suicide mission in the centre of Casablanca. However, when Max receives a startling call from the Secret Service Division, it further strains their already strained relationship. Max must get the resolve to go for answers through the dangerous streets of a battered London whatever the outcome since he is in disbelief. Now, he has a horrible task on his hands, and is trap by a devastating predicament.

3. The Guest (2014)

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Director- Adam Wingard

The Peterson family gets approach by a soldier (Dan Stevens), who identifies himself as a friend of their deceased son. The young man gets accept into their home, and a string of unintentional fatalities appear to be related to him.

4. Outlaw/King (2018)

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Director-  David Mackenzie

Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine) rallies an army of Scottish warriors in rebellion after being labelled a “Outlaw” by the conquering English Empire. This movie takes you on an epic, “true to historical events,” trip that captures the essence of bravery thanks to all the twists and turns it takes across the Scottish countryside!

5. Atomic Blonde (2017)

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Director- David Leitch

Following the assassination of a fellow undercover agent, the deadly MI6 secret agent Lorraine Broughton is dispatched to Cold War Germany to see her contact, the station head David Percival. This is just before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. In the depths of a city at a boiling point, Lorraine must fight off countless waves of tough-as-nails KGB operatives and relentless henchmen in order to rescue a priceless microfilm revealing the names of every British spy.

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6. American Ultra (2015)

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Director-  Nima Nourizadeh

Mike Howel, a small-town stoner, spends most of his time using marijuana and creating a graphic novel about a superhero monkey. Mike is unaware that the CIA gave him training to become a deadly killing machine. His former handler awakens his hidden abilities when the agency targets him for termination, transforming the mild-mannered slacker into a lethal weapon. Now that the CIA has sent failed test subjects after him, Mike, who is genuinely shocked, must utilise his newly discovered skills to protect both himself and his girlfriend from being disposed off.

7. Anthropoid (2016)

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Director- Sean Ellis

The World War II operation to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, Operation Anthropoid, is the basis for the film Anthropoid, which is based on this incredible factual incident. After Hitler and Himmler, Heydrich was the third in command of the Reich. He was the primary architect of the Final Solution and the commander of the occupying Nazi forces in Czechoslovakia. His reign of terror inspired soldiers from the exiled Czech and Slovak nations to plan a top-secret mission that would alter the course of history in Europe.

8. Kick Ass (2010)

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Director- Matthew Vaughn

Dave Lizewski, a teenager, chooses to become a superhero after being inspired by his love of comic books. even though she had no unique abilities at all. As “Kick-Ass,” Dave adopts a disguise and begins battling criminals. He teams up with Big Daddy and Hit Girl, a father-daughter vigilante duo, and later makes friends with Red Mist, another up-and-coming criminal, but a cunning mob boss soon puts their relationship to the test.

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9. Welcome To The Punch (2013)

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Director-  Eran Creevy

Jacob Sternwood, a former felon, is forced to leave his hideout in Iceland and come back to London after his son gets caught up in a botched theft. As a result, detective Max Lewinsky has one final opportunity to apprehend the person he has been searching for. As they battle, they begin to learn about a bigger scheme that each of them must unravel to survive.

10. RED (2010)

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Director- Robert Schwentke

Living off of his government pension in an unremarkable area in an unremarkable house, Frank is a retired man who is lonely and bored. Calls to the government pension processing centre, where he gets to speak with Sarah, his case worker, are Frank’s only source of happiness. The only enjoyable aspects of Sarah’s life—along with her discussions with the unidentified Frank and her spy novels—are her boredom and loneliness. Frank and Sarah set out on a quest into his history and the people he used to deal with when something from Frank’s past drives him back into his previous line of work and unwittingly places Sarah in the heart of the intrigue. Retired Extremely Dangerous, like Frank, describes all of them.