After two underwhelming seasons, the fifth season will leave you emotional!

It looks like finally, Money Heist has finally found its way back after all those underwhelming seasons. And it has been very intense five episodes, I must say. Intense and fast-paced. And that is both good and bad at the same time. We will discuss that in detail. You will see so many things squeezed in just one episode that it will be so hard to keep track of. You might want to take a breath after every episode just to process what really went down. Money Heist Season 5 was literally a war and if you guys weren’t taking it seriously, you should be now.

Money Heist Season 5 Plot

The fifth season started with Resistance freeing Lisbon from the police custody. Lisbon is free and now the squad is together. The professor is telling everyone what to do from his secret bunker. The first fifteen minutes of Season 5 were already released on Youtube by Netflix itself so you can watch that for free without any problem. We had so much in here. There were so many flashback scenes. Berlin was here again and he was brilliant like always. It really clicked for the most part but sometimes too many things were being shown to us so fast.

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Money Heist Season 5: Positives


Right from the first scene to the absolute last, this season was filled with tension. The tension was visible and it was so intense that I was feeling it. The inner conflicts were bigger and more brutal, the drama had a weird edge now and the usual bickering was also different this time. And the best thing was that the intensity and tension were on both sides. The police force was tensed and our robbers were too.

Character Arcs

All the character arcs worked properly this time around. In just five episodes the maker was able to do what they weren’t able to do in the last two seasons. The characters were more poised and had so many layers this time around. They acted as they would do in a disaster. And especially Berlin was just brilliant. Of course, he didn’t have any direct impact on the story and that made his role so much better. He was more impactful than any other actor on the series and that is saying something. Pedro Alonso has been the star of the show from the first day and it is not even close. He has really molded the character into his own ways and gave us one of the most lovable characters of all time.

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One thing I will admit is that no matter how dull an episode is, Money Heist’s cliffhangers are entirely on a different level altogether. The cliffhanger really saves the show every time. And this time the cliffhanger exceeded all of my expectations and I am not even lying. I was not expecting anything that happened at the end of the final episode.

Money Heist Season 5: Negatives


It is not like the pacing of the show was really bad. It was just too fast to process anything with ease. Before I was able to digest what had happened, something else started happening and this happened throughout the show. Even the intensity of the show was affected by the pacing. If we had just a little bit more time to process what actually happened everything would have been so much better. They could have made this show 1 episode longer and no one would have said anything.

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Money Heist Season 5: Rating

I would honestly say that they have redeemed themselves after two bad seasons. I seriously lost interest in the series after 4th season, but season 5 made me invested again. And I am anxiously waiting for the final part to be released as soon as possible. The things we loved in the original seasons were back and made the show so much better than previous seasons. So, overall yes it is worth it. You can binge-watch it now.