Siddhart Malhotra’s journey as an artist after Shershah is inspiring. Okay, inspiring might be a big word, but he has repeatedly proven that he is a very capable actor if given the right role. He did not work in Thank God because that role was not suited for him. And that is why I was excited about to write Mission Majnu review. It was a role that fell right in his specialization. We have seen him succeeding in similar kinds of roles before.

Mission Majnu was scheduled for a theatrical release back in 2020. But after several delays, the makers decided to give it an OTT release. Was that the right decision or not? Let’s dive into the movie and find out.

Mission Majnu Review: Plot

The movie revolves around a period of the cold war between India and Pakistan regarding Nuclear Weapons. When Pakistan tried to build a nuclear weapon illegally while hiding it from the world, a covert mission was carried out without anyone’s knowledge.

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Telling you anything about the movie would have been a spoiler, but the trailer had already revealed everything about the movie. The movie revolves around Amandeep Singh, who, under the guidance of R.N. Kao, infiltrates Pakistan’s secret facility to expose them worldwide.

Mission Majnu Review
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Mission Majnu Review: What Worked For The Movie


The music of the movie is solid. We will get to the low point regarding the music very soon. But the album really is a job well done. Rabba Jaanda by Jubin Nautiyal is a soulful track that will hit you, while Maati Ko Maa Kehte Hain by Sonu Nigam also fires something under you.

‘Majnu’ Factor

The movie really hits the right chord with the romantic plot of the movie. Especially the scenes after the marriage of the couple are filmed beautifully. The sensibility and understanding in the relationship are just something beautiful and worth mentioning.

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Apart from a few masala action scenes, the action scenes were excellent and believable. It was clearly visible that Siddhart Malhotra had taken hand-to-hand combat training for this movie. And it is good that he is putting in the effort, whereas other big-name actors do it as a routine.


It is a fresh sight to see that whatever budget this movie had was spent on production and set design rather than the CGI. The cars used in that era, the dresses, and even the number plates were entirely accurate.

Mission Majnu Review: What Did Not Work For The Movie?

Lack Of Emotional Depth

The one thing that the movie lacked was emotional depth. Every character other than Siddhart and Rashmika was quite hollow and could not create as much of an emotional impact as desired.


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While the research department of the movie was solid, if the budget was increased even a little, I am sure this movie would have been ten times better. The train scene is the perfect example of that.

Comedy/Funny Portrayals

Another reason this movie was unable to connect was because of the funny portrayals of the characters in the movie. It was quite amusing that makers went this route as this route made them unable to raise the movie’s stakes till the end.

Mission Majnu Review: Is It Worth It?

Ultimately, it all comes down to the fact that Mission Majnu is an honest effort to make a patriotic movie after a long time. The facts of the incident that the movie covered are still unclear.

So, it is a valiant effort from the makers to make a patriotic movie threading the lines of reality and fiction and does not turn out to be wholly forced. It is a solid one-time watch that deserves your attention.