YES! we know, the most addicting app is banned in several parts of the world. But now also TikTok trends are being followed throughout the globe. Accordingly, there is a trend that’s been started on TikTok which is followed by other social sites like Twitter and Instagram. The trend is followed by using the hashtag (#), it goes, #menwrittenbywomen.

The trend is originally started in a form of debate at a site, BookTok. Here, readers and authors from all around the world come and share their ideations and opinions on literature. The hashtag has spread with such a craze around the internet.

If it’s about following the trends and stories, why should Cinephiles stay back? Us cinephiles have started following the same trend with our films. Now cinema lovers are having long discussions about male characters in films written at the hand of females. Yes, the films they have established are mostly adaptations of books but hey! films are films.

So here are few fictional men characters written by women

1. Atticus Finch

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One of the biggest gentlemen is Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. Atticus is the most generous person who represents morality and reasons. Finch is the considerable even-handed character of the film. He is a lawyer. Even though, he is not a criminal lawyer yet he still agrees to take Tom Robinson’s case as his defendant.

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Atticus is a widow with his two kids, Jen and Scout. The character is what a woman would look like in a man. Finch’s kids mean more than anything to him. He has this unique style of parenting. He teaches his children like adults. Finch allows his children to make mistakes in the order for them to grow. Only in this affair, Finch disagrees with the ideologies of traditional people about raising children.

Atticus Finch is a man of honor. He truly believes in a “good in people” policy. He respects the law and keeps confidence in its decision. Atticus is least infected by the prejudice of society.

2. Fitzwilliam Darcy

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Fitzwilliam Darcy a.k.a Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice is the exceedingly charming character of the literature guild. Written by none other than Jane Austen. Mr. Darcy is handsomely tall, beautiful, well-mannered, and has an admirable personality. He was immensely respected at the first ball in the town. Fitz comes from a very wealthy family, therefore, his class-consciousness makes him vain and proud. Mr. Darcy is a perfect example of an assertive logistician (ISTJ-A) personality type denoting that he is reserved, observant, introvert, and judging.

Darcy finds Elizabeth attractive and within no time, falls in love with her. On putting his feelings in words, he comes as rude and disrespectful to her family. He feels humiliated after getting rejected by Elizabeth. The rejection makes Darcy show his worth to ‘Lizabeth by being supportive of his friend, going against her aunt. In conclusion, Elizabeth can not stop herself from falling in love with Darcy and repenting her judgment earlier.

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3. Severus Snape

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The biggest franchise Harry Potter which possesses the worldwide hated character, Severus Snape, was written by J.K.Rowling. Snape bought a lot of complexity in the series. Every Harry Potter must’ve loathed him for what he did to Harry. It is until Deathly Hallows Part 2 came we got acquainted with reality. The man behind Dumbledore’s death, always diminished Harry was the bravest and real hero of them all. He was the backbone of Hogwarts.

The emotions towards the character of Snape change drastically when we first treat him as a threat and also cruel to all. But since the start of the series, there has been a character development of Snape. Since the beginning, Severus was tortured and tormented which has made him struggle to find his place in witchery. Being a half-blood prince in the world of pureblood, he was being betrayed by the only one he truly loved. Snape wasn’t truly the chosen one but he showed his bravery by being proving his loyalties towards his duties and also sacrificing his life for the greater good.

4. Laurie Laurence

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Little Women by Louisa May Alcott stars the chocolate boy Laurie Laurence. He is a rich and handsome boy living next door. Before meeting the March girls, Jo was considered arrogant, moody, and bored. As soon as Laurence befriends the March girls, he makes a bond with them in no time. Laurie is a passionate man who wants to be a composer and travel the world. But to fulfill his grandfather’s dreams, Laurie agrees to go to college like an ideal son in pursuit of getting into the family business and be a merchant.

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Laurie falls in love with Jo, one of the March girls. After getting denied from the proposal, Jo leaves the town and goes to the college to stay away from Jo. As he comes back and marries Amy, another March girl. He realizes that he could have never been this happier with Jo than he is with Amy. Laurie is a strong character who precisely knows whats he wants but destiny plays with him either it’s his love disapproval from Jo or pursuing his career. In the denouement, everything turns in favor of him.


These fictional characters are not the center of the film except, Finch. But unlike any other cliches written by men, These men hold their specific traits alongside their partners’ development. They have their own ambition, goals, traits, misfortunes, and complications to face. As the characters are written by women, they do not hold feminist arrogance. But also their masculinity is not embedded in the toxicity of standards.