Master of None Season 3 Review, Lena Waithe shines in a fresh new looking series.

Master of None Season 3 Review is a fresh new looking series in many ways. Because it shifted the main focus of the story from Dev to Denise and it worked wonders for the series. Many people are saying that Master of None Season 3 Netflix shifted its narration because of the cancellation of Aziz Ansari. But let me tell you that is not the case. Aziz himself said that he has no more story to tell about Dev and will only do another season if he gets some new perspective. And he wrote, directed, and guest-starred in the show, so how is he canceled?

Master of None Season 3 Review

Both Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang took a new approach for the third season of Master Of None Netflix. They have made it clear so many times that they only make shows when they are ready and not when Netflix asks them to. That is why the third season came almost 4 years after the second one. When Master Of None Netflix’s third season was announced, the expectations were high obviously. The show has won an Emmy, what can you expect? So, did the third season felt bland, or was worth the hype?

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Master Of None Season 3 Synopsis

The official synopsis read ” “The Emmy Award-winning MASTER OF NONE returns with a new season that chronicles the relationship of Denise and her partner Alicia. This new season is a modern love story that intimately illustrates the ups and downs of marriage, struggles with fertility, and personal growth both together and apart. Fleeting romantic highs meet crushing personal losses while existential questions of love and living are raised. Season 3 delivers an evolution of the series that remains tethered to previous seasons while breaking new storytelling ground of its own”.

Master of None Season 3 Review

For the first time, Master Of None leaves its perspective and only focuses on one couple only. And I liked that about it. It was something new that I didn’t expect. But some things like Ansari’s love for food and his love for love remain the same. And even though the main protagonist of the show was Dev only, this story was not about him in any way.

First of all, I never expected Master Of None Season 3 to come out. Most fans thought and hoped for a third season because they thought the ending of the second season was a cliffhanger. It was an ambiguous ending and that is why Ansari told that he has nothing new to offer for Dev. So, making a third season as a spin-off was the right choice. And if you remember the second season, you will realize that Denise’s story was the most acclaimed part of that season. So seeing it getting played out is amazing.

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I know people will say that season 3 is bad. That is because of the sudden narration change and they didn’t get the closure they wanted. Another thing that will upset fans is that the lack of comedy. Master of None was never a gag show, but it was genuinely funny. It was able to make you laugh and smile. But the third season so towards a more depressing route and it is not funny. So, if you are nitpicking, lack of comedy might be the only thing that is bad about season 3.

Master of None Season 3 Performances

Lena Waithe was obviously the star of the show. She was brilliant and was able to mesmerize you with her performances. Her expressions, gist, fallouts, everything was on point from start to finish. And even when the show was slow she was able to make it engaging. Another cast member that impressed me was Aysha Kala as Reshami. Her role was not that big, but it was very impactful. In the first episode where she fights with Dev, her expressions are just the best. You can see her heart breaking and world shattering just by her eyes. You know you have acted well when audience can understand your pain just by looking at your expressions.

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Master Of None Season 3 Direction

The direction of season 3 will give you the same vibe as of the previous two seasons and that is good. Aziz Ansari knows his ways around a camera and he has done a commendable job. Sometimes the direction and the mood of the show were out of sync, but for most of the parts, it was really good.

Master Of None Season 3: Is It Worth It?

Yes, absolutely. Even though the narration change is sudden and too much, it is absolutely worth it. The beautiful storytelling that just hangs by a thread is a brilliant way. And instead of focusing on various stories, focusing on only one was a brilliant idea in my opinion. And with just 5 episodes it will be over before you know it.

Master Of None Season 3: Where To Watch?

You can stream the whole show on Netflix only. And the factor that the show has no regional boundaries you can enjoy it from anywhere in the world.

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