VFX Saves this One


Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea is a periodic film based on the legendary kunjali marakkar and his war against the Portuguese.

The movie starts off nicely and timely and smoothly, making it a good and beautiful first half. The second half is where you will feel there could be more work done in the movie. The movie starts to fall off in the second half even though Mohanlal tried his best with his acting.

The VFX did it’s best to compliment the empty part in the movie. The screenplay was too good and the director did justice to the story. The detailing was there and research work had been done by the team.  The director tried his best to make the film raw and authentic and did a decent job. But, the credit lies to the editing team. The screenplay was just too good and the VFX used would keep you engaged in the movie. One should keep in mind that it’s a Malayalam movie. One shouldn’t keep up their expectations and should watch it with an open mind and would feel the thrill in the movie.

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The movie is indeed a visual delight. The background music matches the intensity to keep you hooked on the seat. The movie is around 3 hours but you wouldn’t feel how the 3 hour passed once you start watching the movie. The editor M.S. Aiyyappan Nair has to be praised. The work he and his team did to carry and make it a visual delight for the audience. Mohanlal as usual did a great job in terms of acting. Moreover, his co-actors were also decent enough but one can argue there were too many actors which was unnecessary. The VFX is the real hero of the movie. The script and dialogues of the movie could’ve been better. They didn’t do the justice to the movie.

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Overall, it is a decent watch and one can be hooked up to their seat. One has to keep in mind not going with the expectation of comparing it with any other movie.