Lupin Part 2 Review, The second part is more focused and crisp than the first part.

I don’t know what really happened but Netflix Lupin Part 2 might be even better than the first one. Yes, even though the Netflix Lupin Part 1 was really good, the second part takes it up a notch. Netflix Lupin Part 2 just came out yesterday and it looks really amazing. The first part of Lupin came out in January of this year and took the internet by storm. Fans all over the world loved the show. Especially the premise and style of the show.

Lupin Part 2 Review

Lupin Part 2 Review

Netflix Lupin Part 1 was pacy and never stopping. Whereas second part is a slow burner and shifts its focus on the story rather than the action. And I found it surprising but a good change.

Lupin Netflix Part 2 Plot

According to Netflix Official Synopsis “Assane’s quest for revenge against Hubert Pellegrini has torn his family to pieces.

It is based on the story of Assane Diop. Lupin is a little bit like a Robin Hood character. He steals from the wealthy or those who don’t deserve that kind of money. He was inspired by the ‘Lupin’ storybooks his father got him. And after his father was wrongly framed, he set out on a mission to avenge him just in Lupin style.

He took the name Arsene Lupin and set out to rob big names of the city just like in the books. Lupin is a master of disguise and knows how to blend in with the general audience. He is more like a vigilante rather than a thief and I really liked this dynamic of the show. But after one too many robberies, police get behind him and one of the officers named Youssef Guedira also shares his love for Lupin stories. Not only that, but Youssef also has a past related to those books. Now the cat and mouse chase will begin and will keep you hooked throughout the show. 

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The second part of Netflix Lupin continued right from the first part ended. It was obvious as both parts were part of season 1 only. Netflix decided to break the series into two parts because of the pandemic only. And I think that worked in their favor only.

Lupin Part 2 Review

First of all, the location they chose for the shooting of this show is just amazing. The show becomes 100 times better just by the location. Paris is a beautiful city and the director definitely took advantage of that. Second of all, Lupin is also a beautiful series. It is shot wonderfully. These are one of those few cases where Netflix’s trick of making the show look good worked. Another good thing is that Netflix adapting another foreign language show. I can’t express how good it is for everyone that Netflix is working with foreign creators to bring us new shows. Shows like Money Heist, Sky Rojo, Dark, Elite and so many others wouldn’t have happened if Netflix didn’t collaborate with foreign production houses. 

Lupin was already a famous character in France, with so many comics, cartoons, and even anime adaptations. And now it looks like the American audience won’t be forgetting this name anytime soon. The story is inspired by short stories and novels written by Maurice Leblanc. The stories varied from 1905 till his death, in 1941. 

The thing that worked in the favour of Lupin is the long history. The character is so old, that the story and depth of each character have been tremendous. Every single character has its own story and it is tied together so beautifully that in the end when everything is revealed, you are in complete awe. Another thing that turned out beneficial for the show is its runtime. The show only consists of five episodes with each episode being 40-minutes long. The runtime made it the perfect show to binge on a chill weekend and people all over the world did exactly that only. 

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The cast is really strong and everyone does commendable jobs. Omar Sy and Ludivine Sagnier really brought their soul to the characters. Even Mamadou Haidara and Ludmilla Makowski were amazing here. I don’t think I saw a single bad performance by anyone on this show. Everyone was good and had amazing chemistry with each other. 

The main character of Lupin’s Netflix Series is absolutely amazing. Lupin is well written, has depth in his character, and is lovable by all. He might be the smoothest criminal I have ever seen. He doesn’t do much to disguise and with just a few tweaks he completely blends in. And the fact that it is believable is just astonishing. 

I really liked the character of Youssef Guedira too. He was amazing every time he was on screes. He was one of those police characters that didn’t felt annoying. The chemistry between Assane is just amazing.  Even though they don’t come face to face, the tension and thrill are visible. I am in love with the writer of the show for giving Youssef the same initial name as Lupin’s archenemy Inspector Ganimard. 

Claire was also a fun addition to the list of characters. Her trauma was something that really humanized the show and in shows like these, that is necessary. Her failing relationship with Assane made us think that our main hero is not perfect and has flaws too. Both of them have great chemistry too and it was visible every time they were together on the screen. The decision to show their flashback scenes was the right one. It gave their characters more empathy, depth and made us realize what really is at stake here. 

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As I have mentioned earlier, I absolutely loved the direction of the series. The show includes four directors. Louis Leterrier, Hugo Gelin, Marcela Said, and Ludovic Bernard, and every one of them knew what they were doing. They were completely in sync and it never felt like the narrative shifted because of the change in direction. Usually, during a change in director, the visual completely changes, but that is not the case with this show. It remains the same and I respect every single director for that. 

Now, for the actual direction. It was so beautiful. Either it was a close-up shot or wide angeled one, all four directors knew what they were doing. They captured the expressions of the actors perfectly. They all were shooting the right thing at the right time. All of them really brought out the best of their actors and dies a commendable job. 

Netflix Lupin: Is It Worth It?

Overall, the Lupin Netflix series is a very entertaining show that you will enjoy no matter what. It has an amazing cast, a beautifully written plot, A dangled plot that will be unveiled by a single thread. It is beautifully directed and every character has some depth to it. And even though the end was a little bit underwhelming, the decision to end it on a cliffhanger was the right decision. Only if the decision to change Assane’s character in the fourth episode could be turned back, this might have been the perfect show. But you can definitely ignore that. Overall it is an entertaining show that all of you should watch.