Love and Monsters Official Trailer: Netflix has finally acquired Love and Monsters and will soon be released. So, it is a pretty big win for Netflix in hindsight. Netflix has already released the trailer in Italian, Brazilian, and all the other languages. Fans loved the movie when it came out and overwhelmed it with support. The only problem with this movie, in my opinion, was the dumb level of the protagonist. He was way too dumb down for my liking.

We will talk about that later, but when I watched this movie, I was really surprised by it. It is a classic teen movie about a young man, trying to find his place in this world. Sure, that world is filled with monsters and almost no humans, but who cares about that, right? I really liked the way they set up the post-apocalyptic world and the world-building was amazing. It didn’t felt like that I was watching this story right from the middle, which is the case with movies like these. The characters in the movie were also really interesting and it had some pretty intense moments.

Love and Monsters Plot

Netflix describes the story as “Seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, all of humanity has been forced to live in underground colonies. When Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien) reconnects over the radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee, who has been living on the coast 80 miles away, he begins to fall for her again. Joel realizes that there’s nothing left for him underground, and despite all the danger that stands in his way, he decides he must venture out to find his true love”.

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The story is simple and interesting. The world is being eaten by monsters and only a few selected humans are still alive. Humanity is living in hiding for almost seven years after the monster incident. When our main hero Joel, connects to his high school girlfriend on the radio, he is on a mission to find her. After all, he promised her that, and what are 85 miles filled with monsters in front of love? This starts a journey where Joel will meet new friends and with their help, will find his love. But, is it that simple? The path will be filled with monsters and other deadly things. He will have to survive all of this to meet his love. Will he be able to do that? You have to watch the movie to find out.

Love and Monsters Release Date

The movie is all set to release on Netflix on April 14, 2021. It is 1 hour and 49 minutes long. Love and Monsters have been nominated for the Oscars for Best Achievement in Visual Effects and have also been nominated for two other awards. It includes a nomination for the CCA super award for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Movie and the CAFTCAD award for Best Costume Design in International Feature. As I said earlier, this is a big win for Netflix in every way. The movie will release worldwide without any regional boundaries, so you can enjoy it from any part of the world.

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Love and Monsters Cast

The movie features Dylan O’Brien as Joel, Jessica Henwick as Aimee, Michael Rooker as Clyde, and Dan Ewing as Cap. Other cast includes Ariana Greenblatt as Minnow, Ellen Hollman as Dana, Tre Hale as Rocko and Pacharo Mzembe as Ray. The cast is quite long and you can read the whole cast on Netflix’s official website or IMDB.

The movie was especially praised for its characters and cast. So, you can expect big things from them. The complexity and diversity of the characters made this movie much more interesting. We had a dumb protagonist, who evolved in the course of the movie. A badass side-hero who helped the hero to evolve. A kind of arrogant but sweet girlfriend, which depicted modern society very well. And a swarm of interesting and layered side characters.

Michael Matthews is the director of the movie. Let me tell you, he has done an amazing job. The direction was one of the best things about the movie. Brian Duffield and Matthew Robinson are in-charge of the screenplay, while the story is written by Brian Duffield only. Shawn Levy, John H. Starke, Dan Cohen, and Becca Edelman have produced the movie. Another good thing about this movie was the music. Which increased the intensity of every scene. It was composed by Marco Beltrami and Marcus Trumpp.

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Love and Monsters: What to Expect

The plot of the movie is plain simple and there is nothing to it. What makes this movie special is the world-building, special effects, and action scenes of the movie. Not going to lie, but I think this might be one of the best movies on Netflix this year. It definitely is in the category of must-watch New on Netflix. Don’t go in the movie expecting you will get some suspense or anything. ‘Love and Monsters’ is pretty predictable but is quite enjoyable.

You might struggle to find the first few minutes of the movie interesting. Joel’s intentions were not clear and his motivations were dodgy. But as his character develops, you will be intrigued and will stick to the end. It might feel a little dumb at some moments and the ending might want to really kill Aimee. But keeping all those things aside, it is quite an enjoyable ride that you will enjoy. The flashback scenes were really good and felt like an unfinished story was being told and I loved it. Honestly, I want a sequel, but this time maybe with different characters and a different storyline.