Loki Episode 2 Review, The new side of The God Of Mischief. And who is that mysterious Woman?

Loki Episode 2 Review, The second episode of Marvel Loki was really something. But it was confusing in a good way. The concept of time is more deliberate and complex in Marvel’s world now, which is a good thing. After a solid ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki has also started on a good and is going in the right direction.

Loki Episode 2 Review

Loki Episode 2 Review

Is That Lady Loki?

The credit scene of Loki also indicated an entry of a new character in the Marvel universe. In the ending scene of Loki episode 2, Mobius and Loki find out the person who was wreaking havoc in another timeline. And at the end, we saw that it was not just another version of Loki, but it was Lady Loki herself. She might be the female protagonist, played by Sophia Di Martino.

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Who Is Lady Loki?

Lady Loki is a fairly new character to all the Marvel fans. She was introduced in 2008 as part of J. Michael Straczynski’s famed run on Thor. In the comics, Loki was reborn as a woman after the apocalyptic events of Ragnarok. Loki was born in the body of Lady Sif and had a female role for a very lengthy amount of time. Loki is a gender-fluid character in comics and that resulted in backlash. But sooner than later, all the fans were on the same page with the creators about the character’s identity.

Now, I am glad that MCU is taking a different approach than the comics. They are portraying all these variations of Loki in different timelines, rather than all being the choice of Prime Loki. The second episode has already confirmed Frost Giant and a Hulk Loki. And future episodes might reveal more and more Loki. It is part of Loki’s trick and mischieving personality. Another thing to notice is that MCU has already confirmed that Loki is a gender-fluid character, according to his Time Variance Authority file. So, it will be really interesting to see what route they will take in the future.

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Keepers Of Sacred Timeline

There have been rumors that we might see ‘Keepers Of Sacred Timeline’ in MCU Loki. As we all know, as of now, all the things happening in Loki are indicating towards the entry of ‘Kang The Conqueror’ in MCU Universe. And it looks like Kang alongside Loki and Mobius will be the Keepers. Obviously, this is a stretch, but if this somehow happens, it will be amazing. Especially with Loki and Mobius as timekeepers will be something to look forward to for sure.

Doctor Strange 4 Tie-In

In the last scene, we saw Lady Loki sent countless stolen reset charges back to various points in timelines. It will result in countless stolen reset charges back to various points. It will result in loads of branches or restoring branches the TVA previously reset. Now, this might tie in with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and might even have some impact in Spiderman Away From Home. I think this might be the reason why we will get Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the latest MCU Spiderman movie.

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Loki Episode 2 Review

Marvel Loki is really going in the right direction at the moment. Both episodes have been really solid and they have set up future episodes really well. I think it will be a blast to see what will happen in the future.