Finally, Bollywood’s new year has also started with the first hall release of 2023. Kuttey was released earlier today with many expectations. Everything was spectacular, from the trailer to the movie’s cast.  Here’s Kettey movie review analysis:

Another thing going on for the movie was the Caper Genre of the movie. Aasmaan Bhardwaj took it upon himself to promote this genre in India more. The last time we saw an excellent Caper genre Bollywood movie was back in 2009. 

Kaminey, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj(Father of Aasmaan), might be one of the best caper genre movies ever. And now his son wanted te to create the same type of magic. So, was he able to do that? Let’s find out.

Kuttey Movie Review
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Kuttey: Plot

The movie’s plot revolves around five groups and a van full of cash. When the different groups find out about the cash getting transported from one place to another, they plan to rob it.

Now, the betrayals and backstabbing around the way make the movie’s storyline. And trust me, it is pretty entertaining. 

Kuttey: Positives

Background Score

It is time we give Vishal Bhardwaj the credit he deserves as a music director. He has given us so many excellent albums over the years. The music direction of Vishal, alongside the lyrics of Gulzaar, makes one of the most entertaining albums that fit the movie. 

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The background score intensifies the movie tenfolds. It enhanced the madness that was presented to us in front of our screens, and it was beautiful. 


This is Aasmaan Bhardwaj’s first major project, and if this is so good, I am excited about all the future projects that he will do. In this movie, he showcased Mumbai in all its glory, and every scene accounted for something. 

The dutch shots were brilliant, and the bird’s eye view shots were masterful. And the climax scene, where he shot everything in one seamless take, showcased his potential as one of the best directors.


Well, it was apparent. When you have such good artists, you can’t actually go wrong. Every single cast member was outstanding and did their job perfectly. Not a single artist was terrible in any sense.

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The only matter that comes to standouts, and giving no shocks, Tabu took that mantle again. The woman is tearing up and once again showcases why she is one of the best.

Kuttey: Bad

Similar Theme

It is not a dig on Kuttey or their fault, actually. But we have seen many movies that gave us animal analogies, like Darlings and Ludo. The impact here was less than the creators expected. And it encountered for a large part of the movie, which is the only reason Kuttey movie suffered.