Justice League Snyder Cut: All the possible new Spin-offs: Justice League Snyder Cut was a huge success. It was everything that I want in a comic book movie. It didn’t just cement Zack Snyder as a pop culture fan and restored Justice League in the eyes of the fans. There were so many moments of brilliance in the movie and it felt real. It was something truly beautiful that we witnessed with our own eyes. For me, I have been a huge fan of Zack Snyder over the years. His filmmaking truly baffles my mind and he is the best. He is the best. But we are not talking about that right now.

What we are talking about all the new characters that were introduced in Justice League Snyder Cut that can get their own movie. But, now that Ann Sarnoff has stated that they will not continue the SnyderVerse, it is a case of could have. I really want Snyder’s version to Snyder version to continue. And the way she responded to the #restorethesnyderverse campaign truly gives me hope. And as someone said, “Hope will set us free”. Let’s take a look at all the possible characters from Snyder Cut that can get their own movies. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

The Atom

Ryan Choi was introduced in the third act of the movie alongside Silas Stone. If you are familiar with comics, Ryan Choi was the third Atom. Ryan Choi was played by Zheng Kai and he did a pretty convincing job. Another bad decision by WB. As a comic book nerd, fans look for smart inclusions like these. These inclusions and hints really make the movie something special for them. But I am not ranting about that right now.

We have seen Ryan Choi’s character previously. Osric Chau played the role of Ryan Choi in the Arrowverse crossover episode. Ryan is a protégé of Ray Palmer, the original Atom. Zack Snyder stated that he will have a bigger role in the future Justice League and even pitched the idea of The Atom solo movie. But the recent events have given me hope that something can happen. If, and by god I really hope so, HBO Max gets the right to continue Snyderverse, we can get this movie. It won’t just be a cool addition to Justice League, but it will also give the diversity that is being forced for so long.

Martian Manhunter

Another cool addition to the Justice League was the guest appearance of Martian Manhunter. For a long time being, Martian Manhunter has been one of my favorite members of the Justice League. He is like the nerfed version of Dr.Manhattan. The movie showcased his power and character perfectly in just two scenes. Now, I really think WB should do this movie because there is money in this. And if WB only cares about that I don’t know what is stopping them. It might be their shortsightedness or not listening to their fans. It can be anything.

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Martian Manhunter is one of the most badass characters ever and if WB decides to give it a green flag, I will be the happiest person in the world.

Batman and Deathstroke

This movie was in production until Ben Affleck left the project. This movie would have broken all the records. It would have been a spectacle. The action would have blown the roof of any hall. But, alas it is just a mere dream now. WB should really try to push for this movie, as it might be their best movie ever. It has all the potential in the world. They have the best live-action Batman, best-looking Deathstroke, and amazing heads full of creative ideas. Just hire Zack Snyder again WB, It is not that hard.

For the long time being, Deathstroke is one of the most fearless assassins’ in DC Comics. He has gone toe to toe with Batman many times and in one instance he was able to beat the whole of Justice League except Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Now, just take this scenario and put it in a live-action. How epic this can get? And can we make it like Son Of Batman type movie, where the whole Bat-Family comes along, please?

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Green Lantern

I know we are getting the Green Lantern movie in the future. But there has been no solid announcement about the release date and plot so I will book it. For the most time, Green Lantern is a movie that every DC fan wants to forget. And we won’t talk about that movie too. Now, in Snyder Cut, we got a sneak peek of Yalan Gur. He was a Green Lantern in the flashback scene. The possibility of getting a Green Lantern movie is very high because he will be the new member of the Justice League most likely.

The studio can choose between their pick of getting either John Stewart, Kyle Renner, or Hal Jordan, My personal pick will be Hal Jordan. And can we please get Sinistro as a villain, that will be perfect. Thank you.