Justice League Snyder Cut: All the new characters Introduced: Justice League Snyder Cut was a bang. It was so much better than what we got in 2017. It was 4 hours long and every minute was like magic. Did I mention that it was 4-hours long? I am mentioning this fact because with the increased runtime came new sub-plots and new characters. Characters that weren’t in the theatrical version of the movie. Some of them were minor but some of them had some actual effect on the movie. We have compiled a list for you of all the new characters that appeared in Snyder Cut and what effect they can have on the future of DCEU.

We will involve only the characters that weren’t in the theatrical release of the movie. So characters like Silas Stone won’t appear in this list. As his role in the Justice League Snyder Cut was far more prominent than the theatrical cut. So, buckle up as this list is going to be quite long.

Justice League Snyder Cut

Ryan Choi

Ryan Choi was introduced in the third act of the movie as the assistant to Silas Stone. But why is he so important a character, as he got a good amount of screen time? Atom is a superhero that can shrink in size and make himself equal to the size of an atom. Although, in comics, he was the protege of Ray Palmer, the original Atom, in the movie we didn’t see Ray anywhere.

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During the epilogue, we saw Ryan Choi being handed the title of ‘Director of Nano-technology’. If WB decides to produce an Atom movie in the future, this will be the best way to go for it. But Ann Sarnoff has stated that they will not continue the Snyderverse so it will be interesting to see how will they introduce him in the future. A fun fact for all of you, Zheng Kai filmed all his scenes as Ryan Choi in 2017 only, but it never featured in the theatrical cut.

Elinore Stone

We never got to see anything related to the Cyborg family in the 2017 cut. They might be saving it for the Cyborg standalone movie in the future but it was an important knowledge that was kept from us. The scenes with Elinore really defined Cyborg and helped us understand him better. The Cyborg we got in Justice League Snyder Cut was completely different from what we got in 2017. And his backstory and involvement of parents made it better.

Iris West

Just like Cyborg we never got to see anything related to Flash in 2017 also. He was introduced directly in the scene with Batman with no prior introduction of his life. And in one such scene, we got to see Iris West. That single scene did three things. It showed us how much Barry loved Iris, it set Barry up as a goofy yet legitimate superhero, and finally, it introduced Iris West to us. Which was a good and necessary surprise.

Jor-El and Pa Kent

Although we only hear both of their voices, but it was enough to make me feel things. Jor-El speech before sending Clark to earth and Pa Kent telling Superman how proud he is of him. These are the scenes that will make you cry if you have watched Man Of Steel. Shoutout to all the suits that we saw in the background of Hall Of Superman. If we can get any one of them in Man Of Steel 2, I will die a happy man.

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Martian Manhunter

If you were following Zack Snyder on Vero, you will know that he told us that Martian Manhunter is in the movie. The only question was when will he appear? And it was like we were in for a treat. Because he appeared twice in the movie. One in the third act and then in the epilogue. Well, technically he was in Man of Steel too, as General Swanbeck is the Martian Manhunter.

If you are a DC fan, you will know how huge this really is. Martian Manhunter is one of the most important and powerful superheroes in the Justice League. He is like the nerfed-up version of Dr.Manhatten.

Granny Goodness

We are now in the holy trio of evil. We only saw a glimpse of Granny Goodness in the scene where Steppenwolf dies. She was standing behind Darkseid and was ready to attack Earth alongside his army. So, it is a good thing we only saw her glimpse, and Earth was saved to see another day.


DeSaad is one of my favorite villains in DC Universe and I was so happy with the amount of screen time he got in Snyder Cut. For those who don’t know, DeSaad is the right-hand man of Darkseid. He contacts Steppenwolf for him, contacts Motherboxes, and does everything Darkseid asks for. DeSaad is a torture machine. He will torture you and then will say sorry for it and then again torture you. That is the character of DeSaad, a cruel, uncanny, and god who loves the taste of blood.

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Finally, the biggest villain that was kept away from us in the theatrical cut. In Snyder Cut, we saw a lot of Darkseid, including him battling against the gods. The fight we got in 2017 of Gods vs Steppenwolf, was originally meant for Darkseid, but Whedon thought it would be a good idea to replace it. I just have one question, Why? How can you think that it would be a good idea to let Steppenwolf fight against all the gods and then nerf him at the end?

Darkseid stole the show even with his limited screen time. He looked badass ad scary and was the best thing in the movie. We want more of him now, and we want it now.

Flash, Cyborg and Steppenwolf

Yes, I know I won’t be mentioning the characters that were shown in Whedon Cut. But can you honestly say that all these three characters were the same in both films? Exactly my point. Not some loser who would die at the hands of his own creations. Cyborg was the heart and soul of Snyder Cut. Planting him as one of the main superheroes. Justice League Snyder Cut And honestly, they completely ruined my boy in Flash in 2017, didn’t they?