It’s crucial for cinephiles to recognise and honour the few living giants since they are the only directors who can successfully merge the personal and the mainstream, the enjoyable and the aesthetically valuable. The name James Wan is a seal of approval for strong, traditional craftsmanship and visual innovation. a talented individual who possesses a distinctive personal style and is able to impose his unique vision on both independent and major studio productions. With the aid of Taste of Cinema, the following James Wan movies are evaluated from greatest to worst.

1. Malignant (2021)

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Cast- Annabelle Wallis, Mckenna Grace, Maddie Hasson

Abused Madison awakens in a Seattle hospital in the year 2017, 27 long years after the horrible Simion Research Hospital catastrophe. Madison’s mysterious background gradually comes to light, confusing both herself and the local investigators as numbing visions of murder increasingly interfere with her ability to lead a regular life. Are these blatantly brutal murders the product of Madison’s disorder mind? In either case, someone, or even better, something, connects the past to the present and demands vengeance.

2. SAW (2004)

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Cast- Leigh Whannell, Cary Elwes, Tobin Bell

Oncologist Lawrence Gordon and photographer Adam Stanheight recover consciousness while tethered to pipes at opposite ends of a filthy bathroom. Flashbacks reveal the fates of the two men’s prior victims as they come to the realisation. It is that, a vicious serial killer has trap them, known as “Jigsaw” and must solve his strange riddle to survive. Dr. Gordon’s wife and little daughter are force to watch his torture on close-circuit television in the meantime.

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3. Aquaman (2018)

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Cast- Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman

Arthur Curry reluctantly sets out on a perilous journey to trace his family’s history. He was born to the lowly lighthouse keeper Thomas and the formidable Atlantean queen Atlanna. But with his mother missing, Arthur—who believes he has tamed his boundless Atlantean powers—finds himself heading straight for his vengeful half-brother, King Orm. Conflict is intensifying because Orm wants to unite the seven undersea kingdoms, declare himself Master of the Ocean, and start a bloody battle with the surface dwellers. The Trident of Atlantis, a magical relic that belongs to the lost continent’s first king, Atlan, must now get find by Arthur and his companion. The heroic Atlantean Princess, Mera, in order to stop a horrific final battle between the two realms that would result in the deaths of billions of people.

4. The Conjuring (2013)

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Cast- Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Sterling Jerins

The joyful family of Roger and Carolyn Perron and their five daughters discover that their dream home is a magnet for significant paranormal activity soon after moving into a historic farmhouse in Rhode Island. The occupants of the rural mansion, which is haunted by an antiquate evil spirit, come face to face with the true nature of evil. Thanks to the knowledge of Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren, two season psychic investigators. There is now no easy method to free the Perrons because an infernal spirit has taken hold of them.

5. Insidious (2010)

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Cast- Patrick Wilson, Leigh Whannell, Lin Shaye

Josh and Renée Lambert, together with their two boys Dalton and Foster, are just getting settled in their new house when their oldest son, Dalton. He falls from a ladder, smashes his head, and enters a coma. This terrifying event causes them all much anxiety. The two parents have no idea what has happened to their son after consulting with the physicians and learning that he has not sustained any head damage. The two seek the assistance of paranormal investigator Elise Rainer after terrible, unexplainable events begin to occur. Elise delivers to the family terrifying information concerning their son that makes his coma the least of their concerns.

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6. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

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Cast- Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Wolfe

Following the terrifying encounter with the paranormal that the Perrons had in The Conjuring (2013). Also, the contentious possession case that the Lutzes were subject to in The Amityville Horror (1979). The seasoned paranormal investigators Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren reluctantly agree to look into the Hodgsons’ strange case of paranormal disturbance in 1977 Enfield, London. The Warrens meet Peggy Hodgson, a working-class single mother who is terrorise by what can only be characterise as strong poltergeist activity, in what the local media refers to as England’s Amityville. Peggy and her four children are getting torment by the phenomenon. Janet, Peggy’s eleven-year-old daughter who is completely unprotected, is already displaying perplexing indicators of a change in her character. Hence, proving once again that purity attracts the darkest of evil.

7. Fast & Furious 7 (2015)

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Cast- Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Nathalie Emmanuel

The mercenary life of crime, Dominic and his crew believed they had left behind. They split up after defeating worldwide terrorist Owen Shaw. Deckard Shaw, Shaw’s brother, is now taking retribution by killing each member of the team one by one. What’s more, “God’s Eye,” a computer terrorism programme that can turn any modern equipment into a weapon, is being stolen by both a Somalian terrorist named Jakarde and a corrupt government figure named “Mr. Nobody.” While caught up in a power battle between the terrorist and the US government, Torretto must reunite with his crew to stop Shaw and recover the God’s Eye programme.

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8. Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

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Cast- Patrick Wilson, Leigh Whannell, Rose Byrne

A police detective questions Renai about the paranormal occurrences in the home. The Lambert family temporarily relocates to Lorraine Lambert’s former home while the authorities look into the residence. Josh exhibits weird behaviour at home, and Renai is tormented by a woman in white. In the meantime, Lorraine approaches Specs and Tucker, Elise’s companions, hoping to get clarification.

9. Dead Silence (2007)

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Cast- Ryan Kwanten, Judith Anna Roberts, Amber Valletta

A ventriloquist doll is sent to Jamie Ashen and his wife Lisa in the mail, which they find pretty weird. It arrives not long after Lisa is discovered dead. In order to learn the truth and put an end to the terrible force pursuing him, a sombre Jamie must return to Raven’s Fair, where he was raised. He only needs to remain completely silent throughout his quest to learn the truth. If he doesn’t, the long-dead spirit of the identical monster that abducted Lisa and is now pursuing him—the ghost of Mary Shaw—will then possess his tongue.

10. Death Sentence (2007)

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Cast- Kevin Bacon, Garrett Hedlund, Kelly Preston

Nick Hume, a well-mannered family man and prosperous insurance executive, finds himself losing faith in the legal system after witnessing the murder of his beloved high school hockey star son as part of a gang initiation rite. As a result, Nick, who is vengeful beyond belief, purchases a long, double-barrelled 12-gauge Rossi Overland shotgun and musters the confidence to start a conflict with the notorious felon Billy Darley and his crew of street thugs. But because violence perpetuates itself, there is no turning back at this point. Billy’s thugs will suffer the consequences in person, one by one.

James Wan Movies, master of horror and thrillers, has crafted some great movies. Here’s an in-depth look at the movies that made him a success.