1. Life Is Beautiful

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Director- Roberto Benigni

Region- Italy

Awards- Best Actor

Guido, a carefree Jewish waiter in 1930s Italy, begins his fairy tale life by courting and marrying Dora, a charming woman from a nearby city. He and his wife have a son and live happily together until German armies occupy Italy. Guido imagines the Holocaust as a game, with the grand prize being a tank, in order to keep his family together and assist his son to endure the horrors of a Jewish Concentration Camp.

2. Parasite

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Director- Bong Joon Ho

Region- South Korea

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Awards- Best Director, Best Screenplay

After his wealthy friend begs him to falsify his credentials and take on the role of tutoring a wealthy adolescent girl so that no one will try to date her while he is away, the poor protagonist accepts the idea and joins the wealthy but naive family. He then connives his way into the family, dates his friend’s crush, and plots to get all of his relatives to work for them. When the owners go on vacation, the tenants move in and have a strange experience that transforms everyone’s lives.

3. Roma

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Director- Alfonso Cuaron

Region- Mexico

Awards- Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Cinematography

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In 1970s Mexico City, Cleo is one of two domestic helpers who assists Antonio and Sofa in caring for their four children. When Antonio rushes away with his mistress and Cleo discovers she’s pregnant, complications erupt quickly. Sofa invites Cleo on a much-needed holiday to clear her head and bond with the family when she chooses to take the kids on vacation.

4. Cinema Paradiso

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Director- Giuseppe Tornatore

Region- Italy

Awards- Best Foreign Language Film

In a small village, a guy learns from his aging mother that someone he previously knew has died. A touching narrative about the man’s boyhood bond with an elderly projectionist at the local theatre unfolds. Their relationship had many highs and lows, and it created the path for a young kid to grow up and leave his decaying hamlet to follow a dream.

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5. A Man And A Woman

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Director- Claude Lelouch

Region- France

Awards- Best Original Screenplay, Grand Prize in the Best Foreign Film Category

Following his wife’s suicide, Jean-Louis is a single father, and Anne is a single mother still hurting from her husband’s unfortunate death. Both are hesitant when they meet at their children’s boarding school, but they immediately build a connection that is quickly fraught with desire. Despite this, when they try to start a new relationship, the couple continues to fight to overcome their past traumas.

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