Some best films test our boundaries and challenge our preconceptions about sexual standards and mores. They delve into deep-seated, complicated, tales of sexual identity, going beyond the usual boy-meets-girl cliche.

Deconstructing what motivates the main characters to make the decisions they do is an important part of enjoying a drama or thriller. Underneath a thin veneer of civility, our most fundamental needs and primordial drives are hidden. Psychosexual thrillers provide us the freedom to act on our desires without fear of repercussions or condemnation.

Below are some of the best Pyschosexual films to watch.

1. Fatal Attraction (1987)

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Director- Adrian Lyne

Dan Gallagher is a wealthy New York attorney with a lovely wife, Beth, and a 6-year-old daughter who spends the weekend with Alex Forrest, a book editor. Dan thinks it’ll be a one-time thing. But Alex has something else in mind, as she demonstrates even before the weekend is finished. Alex begins to seek him out when he makes it plain that they have no future together. Whether by contacting him frequently at home or at work, or by visiting his apartment, which is for sale, and meeting Beth. Alex’s passion has no limitations, and she becomes increasingly violent, putting Dan’s and his family’s lives in jeopardy.

2. Audition (1999)

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Director- Takashi Miishe

Shigeharu Aoyama is a widower in Tokyo who raises his son Shigehiko Aoyama alone after the death of his wife. Shigehiko, now a teenager, wonders why his middle-aged father does not remarry. Shigeharu meets his friend Yasuhisa Yoshikawa, a film director, and informs him of his plans. Shigeharu, on the other hand, finds it difficult to contact available women for dating. So Yasuhisa decides to stage a phoney audition to cast the lead actress in the fictitious film. They receive various candidate portfolios, and Shigeharu develops a crush on Asami Yamazaki. Despite Yasuhisa’s warning, Shigeharu asks Asami out on a date, and he falls in love with her.

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3. 3-Iron (2004)

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Director- Kim Ki-duk

Tae-suk is a lonely nomad who spends his nights in a succession of deserted vacation homes. Tae-suk, on the other hand, is not your typical squatter, as the kind young guy makes a point of showing his gratitude to his absent. Unknowingly, hosts by performing little domestic jobs or making minor modifications before leaving. He mistook a peaceful home for an empty one one day and came discovered a mistreated housewife in desperate need of his help.

4. Klute (1971)

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Director- Alan J. Pakula

When Tom Gruneman, a laboratory engineer, goes missing, Tom’s colleague Peter Cable hires detective John Klute to look for him. An obscene letter reportedly written by Tom to a call-girl in New York named Bree Daniels provides an unusual lead. Klute travels to New York to investigate Tom’s disappearance. Using records of her phone chats that he had covertly taped. Klute blackmails Bree into helping him discover other prostitutes who might have information. They notice that someone is following Bree, while Klute falls in love with her and she feels an unexplainable attraction to him.

5. The Piano Teacher (2001)

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Director- Michael Haneke

Erika Kohut is a pianist and music teacher. Her forte is Schubert and Schumann, but she isn’t quite at concert level. Erika is reaching middle age and lives with her mother, who alternates between domineering and subservient behaviour; Erika is a victim and then belligerent. She is strict with her students. She goes to a sex shop to watch DVDs and walks through a drive-in theatre to watch couples have sex. Walter is a confident student with some musical ability who auditions for her class and is open about his feelings for her. She answers coldly before demanding that he let her take the lead. She then alters the game with a letter in which she invites him into her dreams.

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6. The Skin I Live In (2011)

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Director- Pedro Almodovar

Dr. Robert Ledgard is working to create the perfect skin that can endure burns, wounds, and other types of damage in memory of his late wife, who perished in a fiery vehicle accident. As he gets closer to completing this skin on his faultless patient, the scientific community begins to doubt him, and his background is uncovered, revealing how his patient is tied to sad events he wishes to forget.

7. The Housemaid (2010)

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Director- Im Sang-soo

Eun-yi is a bubbly young woman who would be an excellent nanny for Nami, the daughter of an affluent couple, Hae-ra and Hoon. Hae-ra is also expecting twins. Mrs. Cho, the majordomo, is the household’s cold stone centre. Soon after, Hoon seduces Eun-yi, and when Mrs. Cho informs Hae-mother ra’s about the affair, Eun-yi finds herself up against powerful ladies with no conscience.

8. Belle de Jour (1967)

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Director- Luis Bunuel

Séverine, the respectable and glacially gorgeous 23-year-old wife of the handsome young surgeon, Pierre, finds herself locked in an uninteresting marriage, haunted by frightening memories of abuse. As a result, despite the fact that her crazy fantasy world is ruled by vivid fetishistic scenarios, Séverine’s sex life has come to a halt, and despite having been married to Pierre for well over a year, she has never slept with him. Séverine grows increasingly enamoured with the tantalising concept of working in a Parisian brothel since she has all the time in the world and her days are filled with nothing but pointless social engagements.

Séverine steps foot in Madame Anas’ quiet establishment and summons the confidence to work there in the afternoons, despite her pale hard body quivering at the notion of being touched by complete strangers. Desire, on the other hand, may be hazardous, and Marcel, a swaggering, violent adolescent, is becoming jealous and possessive.

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9. Body Heat (1981)

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Diretor- Lawrence Kasdan

The weather is sweltering in a little Florida town. And things are about to become hotter for Ned Racine, a sleazy lawyer with an excessive sex desire. He goes for the seductive blonde he sees at an outdoor event. Ned looks to be making progress, but she vanishes before he can learn enough about her to track her down. He comes across her in a bar. She invites him to see at her wind chimes at her home. Ned notices them, and she dismisses him. But he knows she truly desires him, and he is correct. He takes a look inside. She’s anticipating his arrival. Only one thing a self-respecting lecher can do now is chuck a chair through the window. Their tumultuous relationship has begun, and everything appears to be his idea, even if it is to murder her spouse.

10. Stoker (2013)

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Director- Park Chan-wook

India Stoker (Mia Wasikowska) was caught off guard when her father and closest friend Richard (Dermot Mulroney) were killed in a car accident. The quiet of her wooded family estate, the tranquilly of her quiet town, and the unsaid somberness of her home life are all turned upside down by not just this strange accident, but also by the unexpected arrival of her Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode), whom she had no idea existed. India believes the vacuum left by her father’s death is finally being filled when Charlie moves in with her and her emotionally unstable mother Evie (Nicole Kidman). India begins to believe that this mysterious, charming man has hidden goals soon after his arrival. Rather than being outraged or horrified, this lonely young woman grows progressively enamoured with him.