Sometimes great films could be very impactful and mind-blowing. However, sometimes, they fail to do so. Hundred of films have struggled to redeem at the box office. However, failed to do so. But as the audience is starting to gain knowledge of cinema with time, these films have generated a curious and unexpected fandom and following.

Below are some of these films.

1. The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen

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Director- Terry Gilliam

The extraordinary aristocrat of fabrication, Baron von Munchausen, travels on an enthralling voyage to the four corners of the world, and beyond, in order to save a beleaguered European city from the hands of a Turkish Sultan and his forces. The fearless Baron sets out on a risky expedition to reassemble his old squad of outstanding gentlemen. He is accompanied by the young stowaway Sally Salt, only to face regal Selenites; lovelorn deities; the pristine personification of beauty, and monstrous, deep-sea leviathans. The destiny of the war-torn town now rests in the hands of a small group of defenders. Yet, the Baron’s altruistic goals are threatened by a tenacious, and above all, perpetual evil foe.

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2. Children Of Men

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Director- Alfonso Cuaron

With this dystopian society ravaged by war, paranoia, and man’s disappointments, the totalitarian future of Orwell’s 1984 is now complete and among us. Man has been unable to reproduce since female fertility has become outdated. Therefore, no kid has been born on the face of the Earth in eighteen years. Mankind and his future are on the verge of extinction. He’ll be extinct in no time.

Unwittingly, Theo, the battered, downtrodden, and middle-aged ex-political activist, will become embroiled in an underground revolution. He’s back in action, this time on a risky voyage across England’s home counties with a young girl named Kee, who is pregnant, much to Theo’s surprise. For the first time in over eighteen years, a woman is pregnant. This information must be kept secret at all costs. As a result, mother and child must flee across the seas to the strange and enigmatic Human Project. Their flight is a never-ending battle for survival.

3. Fight Club

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Director- David Fincher

A young man’s life is rather routine, as he investigates car accidents to see if his employer should issue recalls to correct flaws. He also has insomnia and attends group therapy sessions for others who have recovered from various illnesses. He meets Marla there, who, like him, attends these meetings despite not being a victim or a survivor. When he meets Tyler Durden on a flight home, his life is turned upside down. Tyler appears to be everything he isn’t, and the two form a men-only bare-knuckle fighting gang. It quickly becomes popular, with fight clubs springing up all over the country and the gang itself becoming a domestic anti-capitalist terrorist organization. Tyler and Marla form a relationship, and he is frequently kept in the dark about what is going on. He quickly realizes that the group has lost control and that there is only one way out.

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4. Hugo

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Director- Martin Scorsese

Hugo is an orphan 12-year-old child who lives a secret existence repairing the enormous station’s clocks. It is hidden within the walls of a crowded railway station in 1930s Paris. Hugo, on the other hand, has another secret: an amazing, but broken automaton. It is a memento from his late watchmaker father, bequeathed with an enigmatic and vital message; but what might it be? Hugo soon befriends Isabelle, a young and eccentric girl, and the two embarks on a fantastic trip in quest of an answer to this perplexing enigma. However, the astonishing gadget requires repair, and a major component is still missing.

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5. Mother!

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Director- Darren Aronofsky

A couple has cocooned themselves in an isolated mansion that was recently burned to the ground. However, lovingly reconstructed by the supportive wife, amidst a vast flat meadow bordered by an Edenic lush forest. The previously famous middle-aged poet husband longs to write his magnum opus in this secure atmosphere. But he appears unable to break free from the creative rut that has plagued him for years. The writer’s stagnated imagination will be sparked by an unexpected knock at the door, the unexpected arrival of a cryptic late-night guest and his bothersome wife. Slowly, much to the amazement of his befuddled wife, the more chaos he allows into their haven, the better for his damaged male ego.

6. Blade Runner 2049

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Director- Denis Villeneuve

The bio-engineered replicants, Nexus-9, appear to have blended flawlessly into society in 2049. Along with the powerful Tyrell Corporation under the control of idealistic scientist Niander Wallace. With the goal of eradicating the outmoded rebellious Nexus models, LAPD officer “K,” a new generation of Blade Runners, discovers a hazardous and well-kept secret that threatens the world’s already shaky equilibrium. As “K” tries to piece together the evidence, he gradually realizes that one guy is central to the mystery: Rick Deckard, the retired Blade Runner (1982) who has either vanished or gone underground.