Never Have I Ever, In the past few days, many fans have been asking for the real age of the stars of ‘Never Have I Ever. It was surprising as there was a sudden spike in these questions. For me, it was not that surprising, as I did that right after the first episode of the first season. But, we are here for you once again. We will tell you the real age of all the major stars of ‘Never Have I Ever. So, buckle in and let’s get on with it. There are few surprises waiting for you in this article.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi Vishwakumar

Age: 19 Years(December 28, 2001)

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is the main lead of the show and the show focuses on her. And unsurprisingly she is closest to her character age. In the first season, she was in a sophomore year which makes Devi almost 16 years old.

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Ramona Young as Eleanor Wong

Age: 22 Years(May 23, 1998)

Ramona Young plays the role of Elenor Wong who is one of Devi’s best friends. And they are of the same age. So that makes Eleanor around the same age as Devi. Kudos to Ramona for performing such a role with such grace.

Lee Rodriguez as Fabiola Torres

Age: 21 Years(November 28 1999)

The third member of Devi’s group is Fabiola Torres, the same age as Devi and Eleanor. Lee Rodriguez who plays the role is actually 21 years old in real life. She is almost the same age as Ramona in real life. And she might be 5-6 years older than her character, but she is the perfect choice for that role. And she has shown that to us so many times.

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Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall-Yoshida

Age: 30 Years(April 27, 1991)

Now, this is where the surprise starts kicking in. Darren plays the role of Paxton in the show. He is the same age as Devi, making him 16-17 years old. And it is a surprise to see that Darren just turned 30 earlier this year. I mean, he doesn’t look like a 30-year-old to be fair. So, I guess that is a job well done.

Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross

Age: 20 Years(Decemeber 9, 2000)

Jaren is really close to his character’s age. He started out as Devi’s enemy but the couple actually got closer as the show progressed. And Jaren really has done a great job as Ben Gross.

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Megan Suri as Aneesa Qureshi

Age: 22 Years(March 28, 1999)

Once again, Megan is also older than her on-screen character. She is 22 years old while her character Aneesa is of the same age as Devi and others. Making her 16-17 years old.

Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar

Age: 48 years(22 December 1972)

Poorna Jagannathan plays the role of Devi’s mother in the show. And you will be amazed to see that both of them have a whopping difference in their age. Poorna is 48 years old in real life. Her character’s age is not revealed.

Richa Moorjani as Kamala

Age: 32 years(26 May 1989)

Kamala is my favorite character from the show without any doubt. And Richa Moorjani plays the role perfectly. Remember what I said about Maitreyi being the closest to her character’s age. Well, Richa might also be there. As Kamala is 30 something old in the show.