How I Became A Superhero Review, How I Become A Superhero shows us the dark side of beloved heroes.

How I Became A Superhero Review, ‘How I Became A Superhero’ is not your normal superhero flick. It focuses on so many aspects that can actually happen in real life. This movie shows us how addicted a person can become to power once he gets it. First of all, how I Became A Superhero is a really good movie right off the bat. But it is also unconventional. It might not suit your taste, but if it does. It can be one of the best things you can watch.

So, now that Netflix has acquired this movie, we thought it would be the right time to review it now. So, let’s get on with it.

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How I Became A Superhero Review

How I Became A Superhero Review

How I Became A Superhero Plot

The official synopsis of the movie reads While superheroes have assimilated into Parisian society, a new drug gives superpowers to mere mortals”.

As I have said earlier, it is not your conventional superhero movie. It takes a route that most movies do not take. And it should be praised if nothing else. And people love these kinds of movies. That is exactly why shows like ‘The Boys’ are so good. It shows us something that we are not ready to see. Obviously, you are going to get similar vibes as ‘The Boys’ and ‘Watchmen’. But this movie is so much more than that. Its actual soul doesn’t lie in the superheroes but in the normal characters. And that is what I liked about the movie.

The movie storytelling is amazing and they weave the story so well till the end. The way it shows people’s dependency on power and how normal this addiction became once people are used to it. I loved the narrative here. ‘How I Became A Superhero‘ showed us that there are more than 2 shades of grey in every situation. And they showed that to us beautifully.

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How I Became a Superhero

How I Became A Superhero: Positives


The cast did an amazing job here. Every actor understood what they had to do and they did their job brilliantly. Especially, Belgian actor and comedian Benoit Poelvoorde is a delight here in Monte Carlo. As a rigid hero that is living on the past glories, he is believable. His cartoonish arrogance might have been the best thing in the movie. Other artists like Pio Marmaï and Vimala Pons also gave a brilliant perfromance.


Obviously, the story is going to be amazing. That is why I have been praising this movie so much this whole article. The mere concept of people with superpowers living among us is something we have faced for a long time. But the fact that they can turn on us anytime is more thrilling, entertaining and somehow increases the legitimacy of the story.

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How I Became A Superhero: Negatives


Actually, the concept of this movie is so vivid and so vast that they can easily make a 10 episode web series with it. How I Became A Superhero feels like a pilot episode of a much larger web series. And that is not a bad thing. It just shrugs of every topic from up above only. And doesn’t get the chance to deep dive into the narrative. If there are sequels coming in the future, this can become so much more. I will look forward to it.

How I Became A Superhero: Is It Worth It?

Yes, It is obviously worth it. It is a brilliant movie but it only depends on your taste. The movie constantly focuses on superheroes and their effect on everyday life. So, if you can handle that constantly, How I Became A Superhero is an amazing watch.