Docu-series- House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

Genre- True Crime Docuseries

Premiere Date- October 8, 2021

Directed By- Leena Yadav and Anubhav Chopra

Cast- All relatives, friends, and family of the Bhatia family along with media and eyewitnesses

Streaming Platform- Netflix Originals

The docu-series is a three-part series that delves into the mystery surrounding the 2018 Burari deaths. In this case, 11 members of a family from three generations were discovered dead in their Delhi home under strange circumstances.

The show is created by Leena Yadav and Anubhav Chopra. It explores the various aspects of the investigation in order to reveal the possibility of what could have happened between that three-generational family.


On July 1, 2018, something strange happened. It shook India and sent shivers down the spines of everyone who heard about it or saw it for themselves. In the country’s capital, a family of 11 individuals hanged themselves in the Burari area. At first appearance, it appeared to be a suicide, and some suspected foul play. Nobody could have predicted that they were in for something so horrible that even their fondest imaginations would fall far short.

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Gurucharan Singh, a neighbor of the Bhatia family found something strange in the air when the Bhatia family’s general store did not open early morning like it used to. In order to find what is the issue, Gurucharan went to their house. What he saw was something that swept him off his feet along with other neighbors the family.

He saw 11 bodies were hanging from the iron fences attached to the ceiling of the house. Regaining his sense, he called for other neighbors. Within an hour, a crowd full of neighbors, media reporters, police officers, family reporters, and other curious individuals stacked the Burari locality.

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Elements Of The Series

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The director Leena Yadav and Anubhav Chopra answers all the theories and questions of all these years. The creators have discovered the possible birthplace of these episodes. It is through the eyes of the Bhatia family’s surviving members, their friends, police investigations, psychologist, and media.

The show has well research that comes from every point from the people that were involved directly or indirectly. It shows the complications faced by the legal authority in order to answer every question of the person outside. It showcases how one fights to believe in blind faiths and superstitions. The show also highlights the eagerness of the media in covering and publishing news like this. The limit of media they reach in order to break the news first. They neglect the sensitivity of the case and the suffering of the victims.

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The docu-series is a good representation through a strong voice-over and follows the chronology of the case. Following the sensationalism of the show, A.R Rahman and Qutub-E-Kripa’s music provides consistency to each frame of the series.


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The show is indeed blood-curdled with the biggest fact that it is based on a real-life incident. For the people living in Delhi, the incident was a sudden hit on the morning of their regular life. The real fact that show deals with is the need of addressing mental illness. The show has managed to take away the scary and horrified part of the case that the media told. How mental illness is ignored especially, in India which makes these victims go to the stigmatization that results in inhumane rituals which at the end, worsen their state.