Some horror movies fail to get recognition in the hype of the other more famous franchises. Below are some of the horror movies that you might have missed watching.

1. Host (2020)

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Director- Rob Savage

Streaming Platform- Amazon Prime

During the lockdown, six buddies got together on their weekly zoom call. It’s Haley’s turn to plan an activity, and instead of an exam, she’s scheduled a séance with a Medium. Jemma, bored and naughty, decides to amuse herself by inventing a narrative about a boy at her school who hanged himself. However, Jemma’s trick allows a demonic spirit to pass over, posing as the boy from Jemma’s made-up story. As the demonic presence begins to make itself known, the friends begin to notice weird events in their homes, and they quickly realize that they may not make it through the night.

2. Mama (2013)

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Director- Andres Muschietti

Streaming Platform- Amazon Prime

Close sisters Victoria and Lily, who were left stranded in the unwelcoming woods five years after their parents’ sad deaths. They unexpectedly reunite with their father’s twin brother Lucas and his fiancée Annabel. Without a doubt, how two sickly little unprotected youngsters managed to survive on their own for so long is a marvel. However, someone—or even something—must have been guarding them in the dark, deadly jungle. Annabel gradually suspects that, while the girls are settling into this safe, loving environment, whoever/whatever it was is still lurking nearby.

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3. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

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Director- Andre Overdal

Streaming Platform- Online

While investigating a family murder, Sheriff Sheldon and his crew are perplexed by the finding of a stranger’s body buried in the basement. However, it does not match the crime scene. He delivers the lovely Jane Doe’s body to the coroner Tommy Tilden late at night. He asks for the cause of death to be delayed until the next morning so that he can respond to the press. Austin Tilden, Tommy’s son, and assistant is set to go to the movies with his fiancée Emma, but he stays to assist his father with the autopsy. They reveal strange and scary revelations about Jane Doe throughout the stormy and sad night.

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4. Veronica (2017)

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Director- Paco Plaza

Streaming Platform- Netflix

Verónica, a 15-year-old devoted and responsible adolescent, has to become the substitute mother of her twin sisters, Luca and Irene, and her younger brother, Antonito. They are still grieving from her father’s death and her mother slaving away long hours at a small neighborhood bar. Verónica, desperate for his paternal presence, will persuade two of her Catholic school friends. She has to hold an ill-advised Ouija board séance during a rare 1991 solar eclipse in the hopes of communicating with their beloved deceased. However, what began as a desperate attempt to interact with the unknown will soon turn into a frantic plunge into the mysterious supernatural realm, where demonic possessors yearn to cross over. Something horrible will gradually infect everyone in Verónica’s vicinity.

5. The Woman In Black (2012)

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Director- James Watkins

Streaming Platform- Online

Arthur Kipps, a London solicitor, is dispatched to the village of Crythin Gifford to examine the personal documents of Mrs. Drablow, who has died. Arthur hasn’t had a particularly successful career – at least in part because he is still grieving for his wife, who died four years ago while giving birth to their son Joseph. Crythin Gifford is a desolate community with folks who are everything but kind. No one in the hamlet is pleased with Arthur’s decision to work at Eel Marsh Manor, Arthur realizes. The Lady in Black, the ghost of a woman whose kid drowned in a bog, is soon discovered to be haunting the house. Every time she emerges, a village child dies.

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6. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005)

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Director- Scott Derrickson

Streaming Platform- Sony Liv

Emily Rose, a nineteen-year-old Catholic college student, died a few days after her parish priest, Father Moore, performed an exorcism on her. Emily claimed she was possessed by six devils, and despite Emily and her parents’ permission, Father Moore is charged with negligent murder after suggesting Emily stop taking her epilepsy drugs. The Archdiocese hires Erin Bruner, a successful, ambitious, and agnostic lawyer, to prevent a scandal, while the prosecution sends Ethan Thomas, a religious prosecutor.