While not all works in the canon must be dripping with blood, gore, and other repulsive imagery in order to frighten viewers, it is one method the genre can provide thrills and chills. Even while some degree of violence is to be expected, some transcend the limits of terror. One of the most recent instances is the extreme horror film X by Ti West, which is both entertaining and unsettling to watch. Here are a few similar examples that, if you enjoyed X, are the most horrific movies to see.

1. Braindead (1992)

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Director- Peter Jackson

Lionel Cosgrove, a repressed bachelor who continues to reside with his oppressive mother, Vera, in the tranquil New Zealand town of Wellington, has at last discovered his true love in the kind grocery shop employee Paquita. However, things will soon get worse in Lionel’s already chaotic environment when Vera gets bitten by the ferocious Sumatran Rat-Monkey from Skull Island after visiting the neighbourhood zoo. As an ever-growing collection of dead bodies and other stimulant-enhanced zombie misfits begin to swarm Lionel’s basement, the situation is sure to get out of hand. Now that Vera has the “bite,” the virulent infection is quickly converting her into a puss-squirting, flesh-eating living dead. Whether you like it or not, you need to be a man and clean up the mess for poor Lionel. additionally, muster the guts to confront your rotting mummy and the embarrassing family secret.

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2. Eyes Without A Face (1960)

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Director- Georges Franju

After an accident he created disfigures his daughter Christiane’s once-beautiful face and causes others to mistakenly think she is dead, Dr. Génessier is overcome with guilt. Young women are abducted and taken to the Génessier home by Dr. Génessier along with collaborator and lab assistant Louise. Dr. Génessier knocks his victims out and then attempts to graft their faces onto Christiane after removing their faces.

3. Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989)

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Director-  Shinya Tsukamoto

An extreme sado-sexual “Metal Fetishist” runs onto the street while in excruciating pain from a festering wound on his thigh. A white-collar worker and his girlfriend’s automobile then strikes the extreme sado-sexual by mistake. Strangely enough, the salaryman doesn’t actually pass away; instead, he finds himself in the middle of a mysterious and excruciatingly majestic transformation that twists and turns the malleable human flesh into an unbreakable bond with the powerful, icy iron. Nothing can now stop the beautiful final mutation since there is no going back.

4. The Fly (1986)

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Director- David Cronenberg

Research scientist Seth Brundle, who works for Bartok Sciences, created “Telepods,” which are two-matter transmission pods that can transfer any thing through space from one “Telepod” to the other. But Seth doesn’t successfully teleport until he meets journalist Veronica Quaife, who motivates him to change the system. Seth utilises himself as a test subject for a matter transmission experiment, teleporting himself without realising his genes have been combined with those of a house fly stuck in the telepod with him. However, something goes tragically wrong. As his modified genes start to take control, Seth now finds himself slowly transforming into the terrible mutant creature known as “Brundlefly,” engaged in a bloody conflict.

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5. Raw (2016)

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Director- Julia Ducournau

As a first-year student at the prestigious Saint-Exupéry Veterinary School, Justine brings her strict vegetarian upbringing with her. When Justine leaves the family home, she enters a strange new world of bizarre school customs and brutal initiation exams. Soon, she will have to reconsider her steadfast herbivorous convictions. As Justine delves more and more deeply into a shadowy realm of undiscovered animalistic impulses, a rare and equally macabre need for flesh will change her significantly.

6. Mother! (2017)

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Director- Darren Aronosfksy

A couple has hidden themselves away in a remote home that was recently burned down and lovingly renovated by the devoted wife, in the middle of a wild flat meadow bordered by an Edenic lush forest. The once-famous middle-aged poet spouse is eager to produce his masterpiece in this secure setting, but he is unable to shake the chronic creative block that plagues him. A knock on the door, a mysterious late-night visitor, and his nosy wife will then abruptly appear, igniting the writer’s sluggish imagination. The more turbulence he allows into his haven, the better for his dented masculine ego, he slowly realises, much to the amazement of his confused wife.

7. Titane (2021)

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Director- Julia Ducornau

Alexia has been carrying a high-purity, medical-grade titanium alloy implant firmly fastened to her skull ever since that terrible vehicle accident that came dangerously close to taking her life. However, almost ten years later, after undergoing major cranioplasty, Alexia has grown fetishistic in her fascination with automobiles rather than being turned off by them. She is now a silently violent go-go dancer at underground auto events. While the city is being terrorised by a string of gruesome murders, the grieving fire chief Vincent suddenly reunites with his long-lost son Adrien, who has been gone for ten years. But people evolve over time.

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8. Midsommar (2019)

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Director- Ari Aster

A young American couple named Dani and Christian are on the verge of divorcing one another. Christian, however, extends an invitation to sad Dani to travel with him and his pals to a once-in-a-lifetime midsummer celebration in a far-off Swedish village after a family tragedy ties them all together. When the isolated villagers invite their guests to take part in rituals that make the pastoral paradise more eerie and viscerally upsetting, what starts out as a joyful summer vacation in the North European kingdom of eternal sunlight takes a terrible turn.

9. Revenge (2017)

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Director-  Coralie Fargeat

The conceited, haughty, and obscenely wealthy businessman, Richard, is holed up in his remote minimalist villa in the middle of the desert and is eager to spend time with his sexy extramarital girlfriend, Jen, before his annual hunting gathering. A romantic retreat in the vast wilderness quickly becomes perilous when Richard’s shady pals arrive suddenly one day earlier. Alcohol, strong psychoactive drugs, and lethal firearms don’t mix. Now that Jen has been sexually assaulted and abandoned, she is armed to the teeth and planning her violent retribution, and no man on earth can stop her.