One of the best spy shows in a while!!

After Fauda Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff are back with another show and I don’t think they missed a single beat. Fauda was a success and it was a great show no matter how you look at it. And believe it or Hit and Run is a good show as well. It was engaging, had a lot more twists than expected, and will keep you engaged for the majority of the show. And sometimes that is the only thing you need in a show.

We know that it has been some time since Hit and Run came out, but you are never late for starting a good series, are you? And now that shouts of the second season are getting louder than ever, we thought it would be a good time to review the show. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Hit and Run Netflix Review

Hit and Run: Plot

The official synopsis of the show reads “A happily married man’s life is turned upside down when his wife is killed in a mysterious hit-and-run accident in Tel Aviv.”

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The show follows the story of Segev Azulai. He is a tour guide in Tel Aviv and he is married to an American dancer, Danielle. Danielle is about to go for a big audition in New York when she is hit by a car and dies. Completely broken and is stuck making the sense out of it. He is wandering around when he finds that the car that struck Danielle belonged to a gang. And everything comes crashing down. It turns out Segev is not a mere tour guide. The death of Danielle is not an accident. And Segev will go to New York to get revenge on his wife. And from there a brilliant story starts that kept you engaged for the majority of the show.

The best thing about the show is that the creators kept it simple even after all the twists and turns and layers. You could understand everything that was going on. And all of it made sense and none of it was out of place. And that is something that most shows failed to do. Hit and Run Netflix got a little bit mushy and flat at the end, but it was never boring or out of place.

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Hit and Run: Positives

Engaging Plot

The plot of the show is brilliant. If I have to say precisely, the plot progression of the show is brilliant. The way that the show progressed with each episode was brilliant. All the layers and sub-plots were revealed brilliantly and with so much care. I have not seen a thriller show giving this much care to such minor details.

A Unique Mix

The thing is that Raz and Avi Issacharoff are the executive producers of the show. But the show is run by  American producers Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin. And the show not only takes place in Tel Aviv but also in New York. And there are 3 directors directing the series. Rotem Shamir gave the show that Israeli vibe whereas Mike Barker shot it in perfect American style. And all of this combining gave Hit and Run a unique mix that we have not seen in a while from other thriller shows.

Hit and Run


Every cast member gave one hell of a performance. Especially Gregg Henry, who played the role of Danielle’s father. I have never seen a more natural break in someone’s voice after hearing that their family member has died. It was such a natural break and he did that throughout the show. Even with the limited screen time he got, he made the most out of it. Other cast members also did an amazing job and made the most out of it. I really liked the way every cast member performed and it gave the show a new dynamic.

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Hit and Run: Negatives

Last Few Episodes!

The ending of the show was great, don’t get me wrong. But the thing is Hit and Run Netflix would have been better with just 7 episodes. Extending it up to 9 was not that great of an idea. The makers gave us everything and showed all of their cards by the 6th episode only. And after that, they didn’t have much to offer. And the show became kind of stale for a while until the final episode. It was still good, but there was that ‘it’ factor missing from the final 3 episodes.

Hit and Run: Is It Worth It?

YES!! In my opinion, it is one of the most dynamic and thrilling spy series I have watched in a while and everything made sense here. Nothing was out of place as we have seen in so many other thrilling series. I really liked the dynamic, shooting, and location of the series. You should watch this series and you won’t be disappointed.