Audiences first met a gang of terrifying animals in the 2022 heist comedy The Bad Guys, who were only ever allowed to be criminals. The Bad Guys‘ zany and vibrant story serves as a reminder that everyone has good within of them. Some villains have the ability to resonate with viewers and demonstrate how people may grow, develop, and make up for their errors. This collection is for you if you’re looking for more goofy, entertaining animated comedies with outstanding character development of unique villains. Iconic animated comedies are listed below.

1. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

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Director- Pete Docter

Monsters rule the roost in the world concealed behind our closet doors. Monsters Inc. is a utilities corporation that specialises in feeding their planet with human children’s screams. To ensure the source of the cries, a group of monster scarers under the direction of endearing Sulley. Along with his witty best friend Mike put in a lot of effort and long hours. But when Sulley comes into a secret door and a runaway young girl causing havoc, everything goes crazy. Sulley and Mike must return the young girl Boo to the human world. After learning that she is not genuinely a threat. The two are unaware, however, that Boo is actually the key to a nefarious plot to save the monster world from an impending calamity.

2. Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

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Director- Rich Moore

Wreck-It Ralph aspires to be as adored as Fix-It Felix, the ideal Good Guy in his game. The issue is that no one likes a bad guy. They do, however, admire heroes, so when a contemporary first-person shooting game with the tough-as-nails Sergeant Calhoun is released. Ralph sees it as his ticket to glory and happiness. He enters covertly with the intention of winning a medal. But quickly causes chaos and unintentionally releases a deadly foe that poses a threat to all of the arcade’s games. Is this Ralph’s only chance? Vanellope von Schweetz is a youthful troublemaking “glitch” from a candy-coated cart racing game. He might just be the one to show Ralph what it takes to be a Good Guy.

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3. Despicable Me (2010)

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Director(s)-  Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

Gru, history’s most heinous super-villain and the indisputable public enemy number one of humanity. He finds himself in a serious jam when Vector, his crafty arch-rival, attempts to outshine him. Vector has a penchant for high-profile crime and creating all kinds of devious schemes. Now, only an insanely ambitious scheme involving the theft of the moon, three cute orphaned sisters who sell cookies. Most importantly—the deadly Shrink-Ray pistol can enable Gru to obtain a spot in the pantheon of mega-criminals.

4. Zootopia (2016)

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Director(s)- Rich Moore, Byron Howard

The city of Zootopia is a stunning metropolis where all animals coexist happily, from the largest elephant to the smallest shrew. Judy Hopps joins the police department as the first recognised bunny cop, determined to show her worth. When 14 predatory creatures vanish, Judy tackles the case right away. Judy must put together all the hints as to where the predators are and who is behind it all. Hence, working with a slick-talking fox named Nick Wilde.

5. Shrek (2001)

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Director(s)- Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson

The entire population of the country of Duloc is terrified of Shrek, a large ogre that lives alone in the woods. Shrek’s idyllic life is disrupted when Lord Farquaad, the king of Duloc. He banishes all creatures from fairy tales to the woods. Also, turning his house into a camp for refugees. He then sets out to find Lord Farquaad and persuade him to return the creatures from fairy tales to their proper places while leaving him alone. Lord Farquaad agrees, but with one restriction. The lovely young princess Fiona, who will wed Farquaad, must first be located by Shrek. The large Ogre and his new donkey companion then set off on their journey.

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6. Over The Hedge (2006)

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Director(s)-  Tim Johnson, Karey Kirkpatrick

RJ, a travelling raccoon con artist, arrives in a Midwest forest outside of a human city. He is enthused about the benefits that living close to people may provide for hungry animals. However, what he discovers is a community akin to the Amish that is deathly scared of people after their leader, Vern the tortoise, has a terrifying encounter with human males. RJ, however, encourages the animals to slowly cross the hedge that separates them from the brand-new suburban development. It arose over the winter while they were sleeping. RJ then reveals to the animals a brand-new world where people leave large canisters filled with tin cans of fish. Along with other food that are available for the taking. But their cosy lifestyles in the woods seem to be in danger as they come closer and closer to people.

7. The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

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Director- Mark Dindal

The conceited and arrogant Emperor Kuzco is a very busy man in this Disney-produced animated comedy. In addition to keeping his “groove” and getting rid of his dubious administrator, Yzma. He also has plans to construct a brand-new waterpark just for himself in time for his birthday. However, doing so would involve razing one of his kingdom’s villages. Yzma is devising a scheme to steal the throne and get revenge in the meantime. However, Kuzco is miraculously converted into a llama during a failed assassination thanks to Yzma’s right-hand man, Kronk. Kuzco is now on Pacha’s property, a menial llama herder whose house serves as the water park’s starting point. Upon learning the llama’s true identity, Pacha offers to assist the Emperor in solving his issue and regaining his throne. But only if he agrees to relocate his water park.

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8. Puss In Boats (2011)

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Director- Chris Miller

The endearing yet cunning Puss in Boots must clear his name of all crimes that make him a wanted fugitive years before meeting Shrek and Donkey. The protagonist encounters his female match, Kitty Softpaws, while attempting to steal magic beans from the notorious thieves Jack and Jill. Kitty then directs Puss to his former friend and current foe, Humpty Dumpty. Puss has doubts because of his memories of friendship and treachery, but he ultimately decides to assist the egg in finding the magic beans. The three will work together to steal the beans, enter the Giant’s castle, find the golden goose, and exonerate Puss.

9. Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

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Director(s)-  Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon

When a young Californian lady named Susan Murphy gets struck by an alien meteorite and transformed into a huge monster, she is transported to a top-secret government base where she meets a motley crew of other monsters who have also been captured over the years. The ragtag band of Monsters are summoned into action as a last resort to fight the aliens and prevent the end of the Earth, under the command of General W.R. Monger and on a desperate order from President Hathaway.

10. Ice Age (2002)

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Director- Chris Wedge

20,000 BC. A tribe of people abandons their camp to follow a never-ending caravan of extinct creatures travelling south as the prehistoric globe is on the verge of the Ice Age. However, a helpless baby finds himself exposed after an unexpected onslaught by a ravenous troop of sabre-toothed tigers. After this sad incident, Manny, the giant shaggy mammoth, sets off on a perilous expedition with Sid, the lethargic sloth, and cunning Diego, the tiger, to find the baby’s parents. However, greater danger is present than they realise.