Film : Gutterbug (2019)

Director : Andrew Gibson

Runtime : 1h 41min.

Cast : Andrew Yackel, Hannah Mosqueda, Justin Pietropaolo

Genre : Drama

Gutterbug poster

The film with the most electrifying intensity of 2019. Gutterbug is a highly underrated film, diving deep into the dirty trenches of punk lifestyle. Gutterbug is a film overwhelmed with reality and it is sure to induce a trance on you. The film is co-written and directed by Andrew Gibson and to him I have to say ‘job well done’. The film does come out in a sheer raw form enough to bewilder your and your wits time to time.


The film revolves around 21 year old ‘Bug’ played by Andrew Yackel. Bug had been living the life of a Boston punk for years now and finally he decides to reconcile with his family. But, Easier said than done every step he takes turns out to be another wrong turn that spirals him down in a state of mental decline. With a chaotic love affair, a punk buster tale and a series of injuries. Gutterbug might be the right cocktail mix of the underworld.

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Gibson has scored the bullseye with his masterful and witty direction. The film depicts it’s characters in such raw candor that it is difficult to even consider that all of the visuals are scripted. Aces, especially on scoring the music of the film. The music does carry the juice of the film with music from real bands like Beeeef and Guerilla Toss, the vibe created could be considered next to authentic. But what really impressed me is the director’s understanding of the subject. Laying out the intricacies of the story in an impeccable manner, The Director surely does a marvelous job.

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Just looking at the raw portraits of characters leaves us in awe. All the suave colors and pale punk mob tones do a terrific job in setting the mood. Tom Fitzgerald did not fail to give us an immaculate performance when it came to cinematography. The closeups and shallow shots did a massive job in pulling Andrew down the spirals of the hollow trench. All in all the cinematographer has done a wonderful job getting the director’s vision on canvas successfully.


The ensemble does not disappoint it’s viewers. At such young ages the actors especially Andrew have given commendable performances. To dive the audience into the Boston Punks culture, the actor had to drive as hard as the director and did the job surprisingly well. The chemistry between Andrew and Hannah Mosqueda(love affair) is also something to watch for. The duo blend perfectly in their respective environments, making the denouement near perfect.

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The film is arranged in a very interesting and sly manner. As we look backward from Andrew’s accident in the form of flashbacks the story does pull a few surprises on the way. Although the voiceover sometimes may seem pretentious but the overall performance of the film outstrips the deficits. Overall it is a must watch. Rating : 8/10