Of course, 1982 was one of Amblin Productions’ most notable years, as it saw the release of both Poltergeist and E.T., two beloved masterpieces that have stood the test of time. It’s important to take note of how Scott Derrickson exploited his own experience to tell a “reverse Amblin” childhood narrative of dread, as The Black Phone continues to ring up frights in theatres, according to Time. A lot of scary movies came out in 1982, including Poltergeist and other titles that continue to frighten us now. As a few of them turn 40 this year, their names are given below.

1. Cat People (1982)

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Director- Paul Schrader

Irene Gallier is a stunning young woman who is on the cusp of sexuality when she experiences love for the first time. She learns that the explosive experience has fatal outcomes. A girl’s first romantic love, however, is so intensely passionate that it overpowers the fear in her immediate environment. Also including her brother’s peculiar demands, and propels her into her own peculiar destiny. She turns into one of the Cat People out of lust, passion, and blood.

2. Basket Case (1982)

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Director-  Frank Henenlotter

Duane Bradley, a charming country bumpkin, checks into a motel in New York with a basket and a rucksack. In a flashback scene, we learn that the basket holds his surgically removed Siamese twin. He is not only so physically deformed that medical professionals were hesitant to consider him a human. However, who is also the vengeful driver of their journey and has set out to kill off everyone he holds responsible. However, Duane goes on his first date with the receptionist in one of those doctors’ offices. He is eager to lead a more fulfilling life. The stage is set for a gloomy conclusion as the freak twin escapes.

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3. Eating Raoul (1982)

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Director- Paul Bartel

A swinger who has broken into the wrong apartment. He believes Mary is merely playing hard to get is being repelled by Mary when Paul enters the building. Paul kills the swinger by striking him with a frying pan. Until they decide to dispose of the body, keep the wallet, and advertise for other sexually inclined customers. They are summarily slain, bagged, robbed, and disposed of, their plans to open a small restaurant appear to be in risk. Until one night, when Raoul, a thief, breaks in and cuts himself in for a piece of the action. Then everything is going along very well.

4. Creepshow (1982)

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Director-  George A. Romero

The five portions of this cult classic anthology from Romero and Stephen King, two of the biggest names in horror. They are connected by comic panels from the 1950s. A murdered man emerges from the grave demanding his Father’s Day cake, causing death to follow. A meteor’s space ooze causes everything and everyone that comes into contact with it to grow. A plotting, vengeful husband burying his wife and her lover in the sand to await death at high tide. A professor choosing his nagging, negative wife to become a tasty snack for a strange crated creature. Finally, a mean old millionaire with a severe insect.

5. Pieces (1982)

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Director- Juan Piquer Simón

A teenager is suppressed by his mother while he is playing with a puzzle, which leads to him killing her and severing her body with an axe. Forty years later, a serial killer kills young women on a Boston university campus and dismembers them, snatching body parts from each student. Lt. Bracken strikes a deal with the university’s dean. Agent Mary Riggs infiltrates the university under the guise of a tennis instructor, and together with student Kendall they work to identify the murderer.

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6. Friday The 13th Part III (1982)

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Director- Steve Miner

Jason was defeated by Ginny Field, but he was able to escape and is currently on the run. In the woods, he murders an elderly couple before making his way to Higgins Haven, a private campground. A day later, Chris Higgins and her friends—who had previously had a run-in with Jason when they were both children—arrive at the campsite. However, when teenagers walk into a barn, they kill themselves after finding Jason. Jason then notices the remaining Teenagers, resumes killing, and acquires a new hockey mask. Now it’s Chris’ job, along with the rest of their buddies, to stop Jason.

7. Tenebrae (1982)

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Director- Dario Argento

Rhode Island-born, accomplished American author To promote his most recent bestseller Tenebre, Peter Neal takes a trip from New York to Rome. His representative Bullmer welcomes him and sets up an interview with a talk programme. Detective Germani is given the case as soon as Peter arrives after a shoplifter is killed. He meets Peter and informs him that the murderer was motivated to do the crime by his book. Two lesbians are killed shortly after Peter receives a letter from the perpetrator. Peter suspects the host of his show after the killer writes that perverts must be killed. What remains, though, after you take out the impossible, could be the reality.

8. Poltergeist (1982)

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Director- Tobe Hooper

An ordinary suburban family, the Freelings. Diane stays at home to raise their three children, Dana, Robbie, and young Carol Anne, while husband Steve sells real estate in their ever-growing community. However, strange occurrences began to occur in the home, like furniture that rearranges itself, chair slides across the kitchen floor, and cabinet doors that opened by themselves. It begins as a little bit of humour but quickly turns deadly serious when Carol Anne disappears into a nether place where, strangely, she can only be reached by the white noise on their television. The powers who kidnapped the team of paranormal investigators were terrible and powerful, therefore Tangina, a woman who has dealt with this problem before, was needed. A team of paranormal investigators entered the residence.

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9. The Thing (1982)

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Director- John Carpenter

Antarctica, early winter 1982, a US research station. A helicopter from the neighbouring Norwegian research station buzzes the base unexpectedly. A dog has escaped from their base, and they are attempting to kill it. The US crew arrives at the Norwegian base following the demolition of the Norwegian chopper only to find that everyone there has either been killed or is disappeared. They do discover the remnants of an odd monster that the Norwegians torched. Taking it to their base, the Americans conclude it is an alien life form. After a while, it becomes clear that the extraterrestrial has the ability to seize control, blend in with other life forms—including humans—and spread like a virus. As a result, tensions rise because it’s possible for anyone at the base to be possessed by The Thing.

10. The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

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Director-  Amy Holden Jones

When a high school student, age 18, discovers that her parents have left her at home alone, she decides to host a slumber party. The new female decides to stay at home, which is conveniently located across the street from the host’s house, because there is tension between some of the invited guests and the new girl, who is better at basketball than they are. The party guests start to experience an attrition problem, and the only person who can help them is the new girl. In the meantime, a power tool-wielding serial killer who killed five people has escaped and is on the run. He ultimately finds his way to the party.

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