The fall season brings newness to the life. The relaxation of summer is taken over by new start at schools, sports, and offices. The long warm weather starts getting crisp with cold air, taking out our sweaters and hoodies. To feel the breeze films also company us in feeling the cold weather. These films transport us to the fall season even if we are watching them in any other season.

Here is the list of some of the great films of the fall season.

1. Dead Poets Society

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In Peter Weir’s Dead Poets Society, a new English teacher, John Keats is introduced to an all-boys school that is known for its old traditions and beliefs. To break the high standards and go beyond them, John uses unorthodox methods of teaching. In order to release the extreme pressure from school on his students, John reaches to their parents. As result, students, Neil Perry and Todd Anderson, and other students break out of their shells and pursue their dreams through John’s message of “Seize The Day”.

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2. Knives Out

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Knives Out is directed and written by Rian Johnson. A legendary crime novelist, Harlen Thrombey is found with his throat slit on the next morning of his 85th birthday party. Death is ruled as suicide by the police. However, anonymously a legendary private investigator, Benoit Blan is hired in order to investigate the possibilities of the case. Harlan’s house is filled with gills of potential heirs including his daughter, Linda, her husband, Richard. Along with her son, Waltz, and her daughter-in-law, Joni. Therefore, the task for Blan is to sift through the web of lies in order to uncover the truth.

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3. Good Will Hunting

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Good Will Hunting is directed by Gus Van Sant. The story revolves around a boy, Will Hunting who has a genius IQ- level. Regardless, he chooses to work as a janitor at MIT. The boy gets discovered by Professor Gerald Lambeau when he finds him solving a graduate-level math problem. The professor decides to guide the boy to reach his potential. When Will gets arrested for attacking a police officer, Gerald makes a deal of leniency for Will but to get his treatment from therapist Sean Maguire.

4. Scent Of A Woman

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In Martin Brest’s Scent Of A Woman, a prep school student, Charlie who aspires to go to college agrees to be a caregiver for retired Lt. Colonet Frank for Thanksgiving. Charlie meets Frank’s niece who assures him that it is going to be an easy job. Not knowing that Frank has other plans for Thanksgiving this time, to spend it in New York.

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5. October Sky

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October Sky is directed by Joe Johnston. A West Virginia coal miner, John Hickman expects his sons, Jim and Homer to follow in his footsteps and work at a coal mine. Nevertheless, Jim wins a football scholarship, and Homer aspires to make his career in rocket science when he sees Sputnik 1 crossing the sky. When John disapproves of his new interest, Homer begins building rockets with his friends and one of her teachers in order to prove a better chance at life.