Gemini Man Review, When Gemini Man came out in 2019, I was really excited about it. The trailer looked amazing, the music was really good and the action was sick. I watched the movie on the first day itself and man, I was disappointed. No, it was not a situation of the movie not meeting the expectations, it was a case of the movie being bad. So bad, that I might have slept in the theater. And I never do that, no matter what.

Now that Netflix has decided to add the movie to their catalog, we thought it would be nice to review it. And I am always looking for a chance to review an old movie that no one cares about. So, with that saying, let’s get on with it. This is the review of Gemini Man and how I felt about the movie.

Gemini Man Review

Gemini Man Review

Gemini Man: Plot

The movie’s official synopsis reads “Henry Brogan, an elite assassin, is suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative that seemingly can predict his every move. He soon discovers the shocking truth, that a younger clone of himself is out to kill him.”

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The movie revolves around an elite assassin, Henry Brogan. He realizes that he is being targeted by someone and somehow that person is always in front of him. The shock came in when he found out that the person trying to kill him is only a clone of him. But he is 20 years younger than Henry. The clone is faster, more agile, has more stamina, and has 20 years on Henry. Will Henry be able to save himself from a better version of himself only.

The thing is the concept of the movie is really good. But the execution was really bad. The story and characters are so flat and basic, it’s like they didn’t even try. The action is ok, not good enough to make me enjoy anything I saw though. They do lightly talk about the ethics of cloning and how they should be treated which I think is interesting, but unfortunately, the writing is just so bad that I didn’t care for it.

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Gemini Man: Positives


The only thing that worked for the movie is the CGI. I think that they put all the budget into de-aging technology. And the bad thing is that even after that, young Will Smith looked bad in some scenes. So, I don’t know what was their intentions with the movie. But other than those few scenes, the CGI was top-notch. So, credits where it is due, the CGI was really good.

Gemini Man

Gemini Man: Negatives


Even after this good of a concept when you butcher a movie like this, it looks atrocious. The main thing was that the story had no emotions whatsoever. Everything was happening so fast yet it felt so slow. I don’t know-how is that possible. Most of the time it felt like that I was watching a youtube vlog rather than a movie. And there were so many scenes that never made any type of sense. And the story was narrated so badly that Will Smith never felt like a badass soldier that they wanted to show.


When the USP of your movie is action and it feels bad, I will put it into the negatives only. The action never felt great in any scene, it was just there. And most of the time it felt out of the place. It was badly choreographed and even the direction was bad for most of the parts. So, in my opinion, the action was one of the down points of the movie and that should not have been the case in any way.

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Every character felt bland and similar to each other. Henry and his clone felt like a same person, when they should not have. They are 20 years apart from each other, how are both of them completely similar to each other? It still baffles my mind.

Gemini Man: Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, you can skip it and you won’t miss anything. Other than CGI (even that was bad in some scenes), Gemini Man has nothing to offer. The movie feels so dead and that is a real shame because the concept of the movie is real good.