The opportunity to witness Ian Malcolm (Goldblum), Alan Grant (Sam Neill), and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), the original characters, on screen together for the first time since 1993 is the only reason to endorse Jurassic World: Dominion. In contrast to his brief appearance in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jeff Goldblum returns to the series’ centre in Jurassic World: Dominion. Iconic figure in popular culture Jeff Goldblum is well-versed in online culture. He seems to view life with the same lighthearted viewpoint as many of his famous characters do. Here are a few of his top career performances.

1. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

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Director- Don Siegel

Elizabeth Driscoll is a Department of Public Health employee. She informs Matthew Bennell, a field investigator friend and coworker, that her lover, Dr. Geoffrey Howell, is not the same person and is acting differently. Elizabeth should pay a visit to Matthew’s acquaintance, the well-known Dr. David Kibner. While Elizabeth observes that other people are complaining about the same thing. He tries to persuade her that she has some sort of emotional issue with Geoffrey when they first meet in a class. When Nancy and Jack Bellicec, two of Matthew’s buddies, discover a Jack clone in their medical mud company. They call Matthew, who then goes looking for Elizabeth. When he breaks into her home, he discovers a copy of her. The quartet learns that utilising plants that capture people while they are sleeping. As a result real people are being replaced by identical, heartless clones.

2. Annie Hall (1977)

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Director- Woody Allen

Alvy Singer is a forty-year-old, twice-divorced, neurotic, and intelligent Jewish stand-up comedian from New York City. He muses about the end of his most recent romance with Annie Hall. She is a flighty, insecure Midwestern WASP who dreams of singing in nightclubs. In contrast to his prior relationships, Alvy thought he may have resolved all of his personal problems during his fifteen years of treatment. Including his reluctance to date any woman who would want to date him and his unconscious rejection of those women. Alvy examines not only the relationship’s numerous highs and lows. But also the many elements of himself that made him start dating Annie. These characteristics include growing up in Brooklyn close to Coney Island, having always been drawn to the opposite sex. Along with having to deal with his parents’ incessant arguments and years of Jewish guilt.

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3. The Fly (1986)

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Director-  David Cronenberg

Research scientist Seth Brundle, who works for Bartok Sciences, created “Telepods”. They are two-matter transmission pods that can transfer any thing through space from one “Telepod” to the other. But Seth doesn’t successfully teleport until he meets journalist Veronica Quaife, who motivates him to change the system. Seth utilises himself as a test subject for a matter transmission experiment. Hence, teleporting himself without realising his genes have been combined with those of a house fly stuck in the telepod with him. However, something goes tragically wrong. As his modified genes start to take control, Seth now finds himself slowly transforming into the terrible mutant creature known as “Brundlefly,” engaged in a bloody conflict.

4. The Big Chill (1983)

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Director- Lawrence Kasdan

Friends who met while attending the University of Michigan in the 1960s gather to attend Alex’s burial after he committed suicide. The group, who are now in their thirties, has stayed in touch for the most part throughout the years. However, a few have drifted apart a little as their lives have changed. Their personal values have also evolved from their radical and socially aware undergraduate days to the comfortable and successful lives they currently lead for the most part. Following the burial, the pals spend the weekend together at married couple Harold and Sarah’s vacation home in South Carolina. With the addition of Alex’s much younger and socially naive fiancée, Chloe. The friends talk about their lives and their shared relationships with one another, both back then and now. As well as what the future may hold in light of Alex’s mysterious demise.

5. Deep Cover (1992)

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Director- Bill Duke

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Russell Steven, a black police officer, submits an application for a special anti-drug team that targets the nephew of the foreign minister of Columbia, who is the head of cocaine supply to Los Angeles. Russell will start from the bottom and work his way up while remaining undercover until he meets the boss. Getting hobby dealer and lawyer David Jason to trust him is the first step. Steven’s ambitious assistance is welcomed because Jason wants to transition to lawful designer medications. But does not yet have the necessary funds. Steven must go further than any previous officer in order to maintain his cover. He must really sell the drugs he purchases, possibly even eliminate a rival, and have difficulties distinguishing between right and wrong.

6. Independence Day (1996)

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Director- Roland Emmerich

A countless spaceship flotilla led by a hostile and highly developed alien life form emerges from the frigid and completely black depths of the universe as a silent, sneaky threat that invades the solar system, brushes against the Moon, and breaches the Earth’s atmosphere. The end of the human race is imminent, and what’s even more definite is that we, the helpless and unprepared people of Earth, are completely defenceless as the extraterrestrial enemy’s unstoppable flying saucers wreak devastation on our world from end to end murdering millions. We had had a dream about interacting with faraway celestial beings. The President of the United States must make a valiant last fight against the enemy on a critical Fourth of July, now that the all-powerful invaders have taken control of our globe, along with a small group of good men crazy enough to stand up for all of humanity.

7. Jurassic Park (1993)

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Director- Steven Spielberg

The founder of the bio-engineering corporation InGen and visionary billionaire entrepreneur John Hammond invites three specialists to see the wonders of the first-ever dinosaur preserve in the hopes that they will assuage the investors’ concerns. The visitors’ wide-eyed excitement on the remote island of Isla Nublar will soon turn to pure horror as the palaeontologist Dr. Alan Grant, the palaeobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler, and the cynical mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm come face to face with vicious primaeval reptiles on the loose following a catastrophic malfunction. Tyrannosaurus Rex, the greatest predator, is now looking for new prey.

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8.  The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004)

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Director- Wes Anderson

Steve Zissou, a sea-film creator in the vein of Jacques Cousteau, has reason to be depressed: his partner has died, possibly at the hands of a mythical jaguar shark; his wife may be seeing her ex-husband; a young man who claims to be Steve’s child appears; his most recent films have performed poorly; he is having trouble raising money for his endeavour to exact revenge; and he is attracted to a pregnant reporter who prefers the pretender.

9. Thor: Ragnork (2017)

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Director- Taika Waititi

Thor is currently imprisoned on the bizarre planet of Sakaar, on the opposite side of the universe from where he vanquished the Dark Elves four years prior and two years following the battle in Sokovia. As the terrible Hela, Goddess of Death, seizes control of Asgard and makes plans to rule the cosmos, a new threat emerges. Thor has to engage in a gladiator duel with the Grandmaster’s reigning champion in order to return home. Little does Thor know that the victor is The Incredible Hulk, a fellow Avenger and an old friend (Mark Ruffalo). Thor must make it back to Asgard in time to defeat Hela and stop the impending Ragnarök, the horrific destruction of Asgard, by joining forces with The Incredible Hulk and his cunning brother Loki.

10. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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Director- Wes Anderson

The Grand Budapest hotel was previously located in the distant regions of Eastern Europe in the erstwhile Republic of Zubrowka. A writer recalls staying at the hotel during the off-season many years ago and recalls the legends the hotel’s ageing owner, Mr. Zero Moustafa, told him about the establishment’s past. He explains the budding author how he came to own the hotel and about M. Gustave, the Grand Budapest’s first concierge. Young Zero, who was a lobby boy at the time, goes to the will reading with Gustave after one of their regular visitors passes away. She leaves a priceless artwork to Gustave, but when the woman’s son contests the will, Gustave and Moustafa take the painting, setting off a chain of events that resulted in Moustafa’s current predicament.