Film- Frances Ha

Director- Noah Baumbach

Year of Release- 2012

Running Time- 86 minutes

Every day people seek perfection in their respective lives. But in this materialistic world, we forget to cherish the moments we should be grateful for because these are moments that may never return again. That is what Frances Ha is about, living and admiring these moments. The film is the best depiction of ‘not being perfect’ all the time. That, it is okay to just let go of things sometimes. This film is a great reminder of appreciating yourself and not focus on what others think.

Frances Ha played by Greta Gerwig is a romantic comedy but with oneself which entirely is a female-centric mainstream film. It is a modern comic fable that examines the human condition and explores New York, friendship, ambition, failure, and redemption. It is coming to an aging film. Giving prime-a-face truth of most of the youth at a time when everyone expects you to be more grown-up than your age at 27.

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Monochrome and New York

The film is shot in black and white in the City of New York. Noah is showing the lively Manhattan capturing shabbier apartments and louder parties. Black and white pictures are becoming the dominant coins for the art houses. It gives a beautiful arc to romantic films. The black and white are creating an instant nostalgia in the film, which are depicting the fleeting moments that aren’t witnessed properly.

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Influencing Main Character

Frances is forced to deal with all the consequences of loneliness. Frances’ entire happiness depends on her best friend, Sophie. But loss of her influence when she moves out of their apartment, forces Frances to examine every aspect of her life. She moves to the real world by moving to a cold new apartment by herself which makes her realise how complex her life is. Ha registers how alone that she can not afford an apartment by herself which makes her to jump from a friend to another. She has no steady job or a partner to rely on, therefore, called as a ‘Loser’ at her age.


She is isolated in a cacophany of people who have perfect lives and can not relate to Frances. This is giving her pressure that she must a find a way in her life, express herself. If you’ve really experienced life, there is no real home-hitter than living your best friend and a douche comes in their life to ruin everything. And honestly, if you’re the one that remains single, if hurts like hell and no fun. But if you are watching France Ha, then you’ll learn that people might get distant physically, but if you are loyal to your loved one’s, distance is just a numbers and the bond remains ineffaceable.

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Talking about Fance’s work life, she is a dancer, yes, not a good one which costs her, her job, on which she was fully dependent. She aspires to be a choreographer. Sometimes, you gotta do what you really dont ever wish to do. Frances works as a receptionist after losing her job in the ballet winter fest. But this job gives her hope to start her career as choreographer and later, be succesful at it. Hence, giving audience an inspiring point of view that it is okay to do things when you are supposed to do them.


Frances Ha is film about romance and friendship. Agreed. But more than that it is also a tale of co-dependency. Before anybody else, a person has a personal relationship with himself. And to maintain that relationship, one has to accept all aspects of his life. Whether it is the pressure of societal expectations, finding a middle ground in push and pull of life, or he clash of what you really want or what you admire.

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The film shows the charming spirit of youth. It surely gives a lesson that success has no bar. You can achieve your desires at the age of 20 or 27, when everyone expects “a settled life” from you. It shows who really meant to be in your life will stay no matter how many rocks come between your relationships. That real friendship does not constant physical presence, one can be there for you and wish best for you, even after living thousand miles away. It can be said that the film is about nothing, but the one who have experienced even ounce of it, knows it is about something.