It takes a lot to be a human. There are good days, bad days, and worst days ever. To let out all the sadness and anger, crying movies are the best to watch. Keeping this thought in mind, below are some of the most painful films to watch.

1. The Pianist

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When an explosion occurred outside, a Jewish musician called Wladyslaw Szpilman was playing the piano on the radio station. In Polland, it marked the start of the German Nazi occupation. When he got home, his family was debating how they could keep the rest of their money hidden from the Germans. They noticed their area was gated when they peered out the window. Their lives have been increasingly difficult since then. His family was deported by the Germans and forced to go by rail to a concentration camp. Szpilman was abandoned in the Warsaw Ghetto and had to fend for himself.

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2. Manchester By The Sea

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Lee Chandler, a glum and irritable handyman, leads a life devoid of human contact and emotion. When Lee learns that his older brother Joe has died of a heart attack, he is taken aback to learn that he is called Patrick, the guardian of his nephew. As Lee and Patrick acclimate to their new lifestyle, Lee must also address his troubled history, which has kept him from both his wife, Randi, and the town in which he grew up.

3. Dead Poets Society

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John Keating, a new English teacher, is welcomed into an all-boys preparatory school. The school is recognized for its historic traditions and high standards. He reaches out to his kids in unconventional ways. As the students are under immense pressure from their parents and the school. Students Neil Perry, Todd Anderson, and others learn to break out of their shells, pursue their aspirations, and seize the day with Keating’s aid.

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4. Shame

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Brandon is a 30-year-old New Yorker. Brandon appears to lead a regular life, but he conceals a dark truth beneath his façade of normalcy: he is a sex addict. His insatiable desire for satisfaction numbs him to everything else. Brandon is ultimately forced to face his addiction head-on when Sissy, Brandon’s needy sister, unexpectedly blows into town, crashes at his apartment, and invades his privacy. Shame investigates the nature of need, how we conduct our lives and the events that shape our personalities.

5. Marley And Me

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Newspaper writers John and Jennifer Grogan relocate to Florida after their wedding. John offers Jennifer a dog in an attempt to slow down her “biological clock.” While Marley develops from a puppy to a 100-pound dog, he retains all of his puppy vigor and rambunctiousness. Marley, on the other hand, shows no signs of self-control. Marley’s shenanigans provide plenty of fodder for John’s newspaper column. Marley continues to test everyone’s tolerance by acting like the world’s most impulsive dog as the Grogans grow older and have children of their own.

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