Sometimes you watch a movie that boggles your mind. And you go “WOAHHHH! What did I just saw” with astonishment in your eyes. The plot of the movie just hits you. The absurd genres like psychological drama, dark comedy, thriller, and sci-fi, that gives you chill down your spine. The movies’ twist ending appears out of nowhere and gives a shock. The ending compels us to rethink everything that happened in the movie.

The following films are some of the best films that will boggle your mind


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Christopher Nolan’s Inception is a film ahead of its time. Released in 2010, the film definitely blew up the audience’s mind for a very long period of time. Inception is considered one of the most flabbergasting films of all time.

Dom Cobb(Leonardo Di Caprio) is a skilled thief, ab absolute best in the art of extraction. He steals the utmost valuable secrets with his rare ability to enter into people’s subconscious His exceptional ability has made him the desired player in the world of corporate espionage. But along with it, it has also cost him everything he has ever loved. As a form of redemption, Cobb has given an impossible last task of planting an idea in someone’s head. But no amount of planning can prepare Cobb and his team when his enemy can predict their every move.

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The film is about the process, fighting through enveloping sheets of reality and dream, a dream within dream and dreams without reality. Along with Caprio, the audience also drifts in time and experience.


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Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s Birdman is a dark comedy of a fading artist who enjoyed his popularity as a superhero but he is trying to up his career while fighting with his alter ego.

Riggan Thompson is a fading artist who used to be a star of a superhero franchise, where he played the role of a batman-like character, Birdman. But the era of his fandom has vanished. Now Thompson is trying to produce a play which he wrote himself and also acting as a lead character. The play is assisted by his friend, lawyer, and producer, Jake, along with his dysfunctional daughter Sam. The story of the film portrays the complication Riggan faces while directing his play along with him battling with his alter ego.

After Inarritu’s masterpieces like Amores Peros and Bable, Birdman is an attempt of showcasing dark comedy with an experiment of impression and perpetuity.


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Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island is disturbing imagery with guns and violence set up in a war flashback. It is a brilliant unrestrained psychological thriller that keeps the audience rooted.

In 1954, a U.S. Marshall, Tedd Daniels along with his partner Chuck arrives at a mental hospital in Boston Harbor Islands. In the hospital Ashecliffe, a patient has disappeared. In order to find the disappeared patient/prisoner, Tedd also discovers about the criminal who killed his wife along with his three children, Andrew Laeddis. Tedd also discovers illicit experiments conducting in the special ward of the hospital in the lighthouse. In the sequence of finding the truth, Tedd confronts his own dark secrets and hopes to make it alive from the island.

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The film showcases the mental illness, involved with psychopathy and criminal insanity. Every character including the doctors is facing some kind of psychological disorder.


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Darron Aronofsky’s Requiem For A Dream is the idea of drug addiction. The film shows how the visceral effects of minor to major drug addiction destroy lives.

The film tells a parallel story of Sara Goldfarb and her aimless son, Harry. Sara Goldfarb is motivated by the prospect of appearing in a reality show which would give her a chance to brag about her son and a dead husband. In order to appear on the show, Sara decides to wear her favorite red dress, which does not fit her anymore. To get in shape, Sara contacts a Japanese doctor and goes on a hard diet regime on some pills to beautify herself.

On the other hand, Harry Goldfarb is a drug addict who sells drugs in partnership with his best friend Tyrone Love. Harry earns the money in order to help her girlfriend Marion Silver, who is also a drug addict but wants to start a clothing brand. Their relationship deteriorates when there is a stall in the drug supply. The drug brings an epidemic to the lives of all four characters resulting in repercussions with their lives.

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The film is a bleak imaginary that is hard to forget. The story shows the delusion people face in the name of happiness which is a fleeting concept.


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Ron Howards’ A Beautiful Mind is a real-life drama of mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr who made an astonishing discovery in his early career which took him to his International eulogize.

The film is an inspiration from the true story of mathematician and genius, John Forbes Nash Jr. He was one of the three novelists celebrated in 1994 in their work in game theory. The film portrays John’s conflict between his mathematics brilliance on top of his schizophrenia. His disease destroys both, his brilliant mind and his marriage to her wife, Alicia Larde. He undergoes 1950s insulin shots and pills that took away his brilliance. Later in the story, John is off the pills to which, in effect, he states that he decides not to be deluded by the delusion.

The film showcases the brilliance of the man, authentically. It includes every element to be called beautiful such as, drama, action, romance, and excitement.