Loneliness may appear to be an uncommon film subject: it doesn’t sound particularly dramatic or exciting. It is, nonetheless, a fundamental aspect of being human, linked to our need for love, intimacy, or simply understanding. Films are a great way of expressing loneliness. Below are some films that talk about loneliness.

1. Chunking Express (1994)

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Director- Wong Kar-Wai

He Qiwu, a lovelorn police officer, drinks thirty cans of pineapple in recollection of her birthday and bygone, once-happy moments after breaking up with his fiancée. A strange woman sporting a blonde wig and an anorak, on the other hand, yearns for closure behind a pair of dark sunglasses. The two ideal strangers will then cross paths by chance, willing to share their loneliness for a bit. Officer 663, who has lately been rejected, has a fortuitous encounter with Faye. She is a new girl who works at a local lunch counter. Also, is fascinated with The Mamas and the Papas’ song, California Dreamin’. Four residents’ lives are now defined by urban alienation, love, grief, unbreakable life patterns, and faded memories.

2. Manchester By The Sea (2016)

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Director- Kenneth Lonergan

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Lee Chandler is still unable to forgive himself after being driven away from his hometown and the little fishing community of Manchester-by-the-Sea. He is struggling to sift through the remains of his entirely ruined life in Boston. To make matters worse, an irreversible calamity throws everything into disarray, Lee, the least qualified candidate for the job. He is thrust into the unenviable task of raising his rebellious sixteen-year-old nephew, Patrick. Lee struggles to make the required arrangements to return to his former town. However, the long-suppressed anguish comes from his indescribable personal tragedy. As a result, gradually discloses the profound layers of pain in his shattered mind.

3. Taxi Driver (1976)

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Director- Martin Scorsese

Travis Bickle, a sad former U.S. Marine, and a chronically insomniac lone wolf prowl the night streets of the metropolis’ dark underbelly in his yellow cab in the shadow of the bustling Big Apple. Travis delves deeper and deeper into his world of obsession and vitriolic revulsion against the backdrop of an increasingly distorted perceived reality, as an endless string of bitter rejections from unattainable objects of desire; condemned young souls, and even his colleagues, can only lead to a flaming manifesto of violence. Travis’ hungry and dangerous weapons will now become the harsh messengers of truth as he prepares to clean up this dirty city. It’s his truth.

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4. Lost In Translation (2003)

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Director- Sofia Cappola

Bob Harris is a veteran Hollywood actor who is well past his prime. He travels to Tokyo to participate in advertisements, where he meets Charlotte, a young photographer’s wife. Bob and Charlotte, bored and tired, make ideal if unlikely traveling companions. Charlotte is yearning for “her place in life,” while Bob is content with a mediocre marriage in the United States. They both live the American experience in Tokyo, separately and together. Due to the cultural and linguistic contrasts between Bob and Charlotte and the Japanese, they experience both confusion and hilarity. As Bob and Charlotte’s friendship grows stronger, they realize that their trips to Japan, as well as their time together, would soon come to an end.

5. Her (2013)

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Director- Spike Jonze

Theodore, a sensitive letter writer, recently divorced. He goes out to acquire an artificially intelligent Operating System since he is lonely and it promises to provide him with all he requires. Samantha isn’t your typical operating system. She works for him as a secretary, but she also becomes his companion when he is lonely. They go on excursions and travel as a group. He becomes their physical feet to get them around, and she becomes their new eyes to observe the world through. Their private times quickly grow into love, and a peculiar bond between OS and humans develops. As they deal with Theodore’s complex feelings and Samantha’s incapacity to provide physical consolation, things become more problematic.

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6. Where The Wild Things Are (2009)

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Director- Spike Jonze

Max constructs an igloo on the other side of his sidewalk on a snowy day. When Max’s older sister Claire and her friends arrive, he throws snowballs at them, starting a snowball fight. Max seeks refuge in his igloo, but the teenagers leap over it and demolish his fortress. Max is irritated and wets Claire’s chamber with snow before refusing to obey his mother and biting her. He flees home, dressed as a wolf, and mentally travels to an imaginary country populated by wild creatures who elect the child as their king.

7. Solaris (1972)

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Director- Steven Soderbergh

Kris Kelvin is a well-known psychologist who is ready to embark on a mission to the Solaris space station. Solaris had been the focus of scientific inquiry for several years. Then, while exploring the surface, a research team was killed, and a member of the rescue team reported witnessing odd apparitions. The scientific community’s interest in the planet has waned to the point where the crew of the space station has shrunk from 85 to barely three people. When Dr. Kelvin arrives, he instantly detects an odd situation.