1. A Beautiful Mind

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Director- Ron Howard

At Princeton University, John Nash tries to create a meaningful contribution to the field of mathematics that will serve as his legacy. He finally makes a ground-breaking discovery that will earn him the Nobel Prize. After graduating from college, he pursues a career as a teacher, falling in love with one of his students, Alicia. Meanwhile, the government seeks his assistance in decrypting Soviet secrets. That leads to his becoming embroiled in a terrible conspiracy plot. Nash becomes increasingly nervous until he makes a discovery that completely changes his life. Only with Alicia’s support will he be able to regain his mental strength and resume his position as the outstanding mathematician we know him to be.

2. Secret Window

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Director- David Koepp

Mort Rainey is a prominent author going through an acrimonious divorce from his ten-year wife, Amy. When a man named John Shooter shows up on his doorstep, alleging Rainey stole his novel, he continues to work on his writing, alone and bitter in his cabin. Mort claims he can show the tale is his and not Shooter’s, but while Mort searches for the magazine that published the piece in question years ago, strange things start to happen around Shooter. Mort’s dog dies, people start dying, and his divorce proceedings with Amy become more acrimonious. The shooter appears to have Mort cornered, but Mort may have his own ideas about how to handle the problems that have been plaguing him lately.

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3. Mulholland Drive

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Director- David Lynch

Betty, the wide-eyed actress, arrives in bustling, sun-kissed Hollywood, untarnished by the predatory film industry’s false promises. Betty comes into Aunt Ruth’s fancy apartment, brimming with hope and anxious to spread her wings and prove her value. Unbeknownst to her, fate has other plans in store for her, setting the stage for life-altering experiences with the unexpected, the indecipherable, and the unknown. A strange key to a mysterious keyhole, an even stranger indigo-blue cube, the young director, Adam, and one cryptic woman: the amnesiac brunette and devilishly seductive car-crash survivor, Rita, now lie at the heart of an elaborate labyrinth of half-truths, faded memories, unrequited loves, and dangerous encounters with the city’s ugly face. However, time passes, and Rita’s enigmatic past demands answers.

4. Barton Fink

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Director(s)- Coen Brothers

Barton Fink, the idealistic novelist of the proletariat and self-pitying 1940s New York dramatist, is enticed to sparkling Hollywood. As he wants to create scripts for eccentric Jack Lipnick’s Capitol Pictures in the aftermath of his early but obvious theatrical triumph on Broadway. However, instead of penning a story about the common man, Fink’s first screenplay turns out to be a Wallace Beery wrestling film. Then he soon finds himself with a terrible case of writer’s block. Now, huddled in front of his silent Underwood typewriter at the filthy, run-down Hotel Earle, Barton realizes that his only hope of meeting the deadline is to draw inspiration from the hulking insurance salesman next door, Charlie Meadows, and the modest secretary, Audrey Taylor. Meanwhile, the crushing grip of artistic bankruptcy grows tighter.

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5. Stranger Than Fiction

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Director- Marc Forster

Harold Crick, a methodical I.R.S. The agent has lived a regular lonely life led by his wristwatch for the past twelve years. However, one day he hears the narration of his life in off. That informs him that he is about to die. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Ana Pascal, the proprietor of a bakery that is in debt to the Internal Revenue Service. Professor Jules Hilbert advises Harold to break up with his repetitive existence while he tries to locate Karen Eiffel, the author of his life story, who is studying ways to kill the character and persuades her to change the novel’s ending.

6. Black Swan

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Director- Darren Aronofsky

Nina Sayers is a dancer in a ballet company in New York City. She is committed to her art and craft, but she is insecure. Her dominating mother, a former dancer who gave up dancing when she became pregnant with Nina, also encourages her. Nina appears to have accomplished her aim when Thomas Leroy, the company’s artistic director, casts her as the lead in their new production of Swan Lake. Leroy, on the other hand, is candid in informing her that. Though he has no doubt she can play the white swan, he isn’t sure she can play the black swan. The appearance of a new dancer, Lily, who appears to be well suited to performing the black swan, adds to her self-doubts. Nina will have to change herself into someone she has never been before in order to succeed.

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7. Persona

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Director- Ingmar Bergman

During a performance of Elektra, Swedish actress Elisabet Vogler gets deafeningly deafening. She is in a near-catatonic state the next day. The doctors in charge of her care have determined that there is no medical reason for her difficulties. Elisabet’s caretaker is a nurse named Alma, who believes Elisabet possesses some sort of inner strength that allows her to choose not to speak. Because Elisabet’s husband and kid are not permitted to visit her, the doctor offers Elisabet and Alma a reprieve in her own quiet beachside summer cottage.

To break the stillness during the break, Alma chats to Elisabet frequently, eventually revealing sensitive information about her life. Alma uses these events as her own therapy sessions as Elisabet begins to respond to Alma’s words. Elisabet is someone Alma admires and aspires to be like. Alma learns more about her patient as the two ladies spend more time alone together. Alma, on the other hand, begins a transition that she now consciously seeks to stop as a result of what she has learned about Elisabet.